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Breeding Your Pet 
Why Should You Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

The Benefits for Both You and Your Pet

Are you considering breeding your pet? Do you wonder why you should have your pet sterilized? Then here's something important to know: spaying or neutering your pet can help it live a longer, healthier life. It's a fact! Studies show that sterilized pets are less likely to develop reproductive-related health problems. And the earlier in life your pet is spayed or neutered, the better.

Another benefit to sterilizing your pet is that he or she will not stray away from home in search of a mate, nor will your female dog attract unwanted attention from neighborhood dogs. Without the urge to mate, your pet is more likely to focus on you, which means a closer bond for both of you.

Something to consider: if your pet roams away to find a mate, it faces the risks of getting hit by a car, being stolen, fighting with other animals, catching a disease, being abused by other people, and many other perils.

More Good News!

When you spay or neuter your pet, you're also helping to eliminate the pet-overpopulation problem we currently face. There just aren't enough good homes for all of the pets that are born. Even if you can find homes for your pet's offspring, you can't guarantee those pets won't have litter after litter or control where they go.

Many animal welfare organizations, including veterinarians, offer reduced licensing fees for sterilized pets.

Plus, spaying or neutering your pet is affordable. Many veterinarians will work with you or can recommend low-cost options. Or, you can make an appointment with us to have your cat sterilized for just $45.00 or your dog for as little as $150.00.

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Q: Is it dangerous for my pet to undergo a spay/neuter surgery?

A. No. Millions of pets have been spayed or neutered by veterinarians across the country. We spay and neuter several thousand pets each year at our shelter. The surgery is common and quite routine.

Q: I've heard sterilizing my pet will make it fat and lazy. Is this true?

A. Sterilized pets can be just as active as unsterilized pets. Any pet can gain weight if it does not get adequate exercise or proper nutrition.

Q. Is it healthier to let my female pet have one litter?

A. No. Female dogs and cats are less likely to develop medical complications as they age if they've never had litters or experienced any estrus cycles.

Q. Will my pet's personality change if I have him neutered?

A. No. The basic personality of your dog or cat will not change after the surgery.

Q. I really want my children to witness the miracle of life by letting my pet have a litter. Is this a good idea?

A. There's no question that the birth of a litter of puppies or kittens is truly miraculous. However, it is just as important to teach children about responsible pet ownership. The litter your pet brings into the world will add to the pet-overpopulation problem. There is also no guarantee that those puppies or kittens will have good, lifelong homes. Homeless pets that already exist desperately need your help. Please teach your kids about responsibility to animals and respect for all life.

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