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We adopted Poe when he has 4 months old. He had a slight cold. Once we got him some meds he got better immediately. We have another cat and a dog and they are all getting along perfectly.
Date Submitted: 04/18/2017


Marco is a great addition to our family! He is happy and affectionate and loves laying in our laps licking faces. He sleeps up on his 7 ft tower at night.
Date Submitted: 04/17/2017


Alice to Alec now Stormie is 1 yr old now. Was adopted from Peggy Adams in 2016 of June. He is doing just great. He watches the birds on the patio on his cat perch which he shares with his brother Lil Bear. He still eats like a horse. I have to watch him as he can open closets doors and the pantry and pulled out a large bag of cat food from the 2nd shelf. He's climbs like a little monkey and likes high places to look down. He's got a good home and is still constantly purring.
Date Submitted: 04/17/2017


Midnight has been in our family for 3 months now and he is a great, lovable family pet and we are grateful for all that the work you do rescuing animals and giving them a second chance!
Date Submitted: 04/15/2017


I am so happy to have Savannah she is so beautiful growing big love her. Thank you guys
Date Submitted: 04/15/2017


We adopted our sweet Batman about 2 months ago, after our other fur baby, Milo passed away. Milo filled our lives with joy for the long 12 years that he lived with us and we were heartbroken to see him go but Batman made everything better. Batman brought hope and healing into our home. He brought smiles to our faces and love in to hearts. I ask myself sometimes, "Was it me that rescued Batman or Batman that rescued me?" It was as if he was meant to be with us. He fits perfectly into the hole left in our heart from Milo's passing. Batman is an overall cool cat and he plays a mean game of fetch. He was never taught how, but he brings his mouse toy back every. single. time. He also LOVES to go on walks. He is our first cat that loves to go outside on walks. The harness doesn't bother him one bit. As you can see, he is a black kitten with a Batman charm on his collar. He is an 8 pound, 5 month old furball of energy. He is not happy unless he has a mouse toy in his paws or he's laying on someone's lap. He is truly a blessing to our family. So thank you Peggy Adams for giving us such a wonderful baby to call our own.
Date Submitted: 04/14/2017
Seamus (formerly Guinness)

"Seamus (formerly Guinness)"

We wanted to adopt a senior dog and found this stinky little gem quickly! He fit right into our home immediately. He hates the cat, but we're working on that. His little friend Schooner (Chihuahua mix) is his bestie. His nicknames include: Shamwow, Stinky, and SHAME (when he does something bad.) He likes barking at non threatening things he sees out the front window, treats of any kind, and definitely doesn't want anything to do with our swimming pool. Our home wouldn't be complete without him!
Date Submitted: 04/14/2017
Gaga and Seus

"Gaga and Seus"

The kittens are growing and are part of our family. They are precious and have given us a lot of laughs with their playfull attitude. We are glad we adopt them!!! Thank you Peggy Adams!
Date Submitted: 04/14/2017

"Arden "

I found Arden while in my freshman year of college. She was the only grey cat in the crate at a Pet Supermarket, and she somehow stood out to me. The next day I went over and adopted her, registered as my emotional support animal and took her home. She was timid in the car and didn't shut up (was a bit hard to bring her into the dorms - side note I don't live on campus any more) but when she got used to everything my roommates fell in love with her. She's very playful and such a doll. She was three months old back in October 2016 when I adopted her and she was probably the best decision I've ever made. She's a bit nuts at times, and somehow manages to scratch open the cat litter- even when it's behind a close door, but that is just part of what makes her such an amazing animal. She greets me at the door after work (my family took note that it sounds like 'mom' when she meows at me) and is usually nearby. I've trained her to sit and high five... sort of. She comes when called, and sometimes I think I must have raised her to similarly to a dog! She's my best friend and I don't think I'll ever be able to let her go. I hope to find another companion to live with when I get my apartment so she's not alone at work, but for now it's me and her. PS the best part about her? The only thing that calms her down in the car: classic rock!
Date Submitted: 04/13/2017


Leaving work in the middle of the day to run to Peggy Adams to pick up Holly was the best decision I've made. From the moment I met her, she lit up my life. The staff at Peggy Adams had clearly shown this little one love because she is full of it!! Holly is the happiest, goofiest most loving and lovable creature on this planet, and I cannot thank Peggy Adams enough for taking care of her before the universe brought us together. I had just moved down here - a new place with no family or support - and Holly immediately made it home. Thank you so much Peggy Adams staff!!
Date Submitted: 04/13/2017

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