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I adopted Gio and Jackson from Peggy Adams, and I love them with all my heart
Date Submitted: 03/14/2017


Freckles picked us from the first moment we saw each other. That was almost 14 years ago. Freckles is an absolutely gorgeous Russian blue. He likes to play with his toys, egg, hamster, parrot, tweety, and squirrel. He likes going for long walks (yes you can train your cat to walk on a leash), take long naps on his shelf perching in the sunbeams, and eat sushi grade tuna with a little catnip (We get sushi grade tuna). Freckles entered our hearts and lives, and we have loved every minute of it. Those gorgeous green eyes had us at hello. Freckles patrols the apartment every night and is sure to wake us up on time for breakfast every morning. When not eating tuna, he enjoys a little wheat grass, nibbles on his very own lawn, or curling up on his shelf in the closet on his alpaca felted blanket sprayed with catnip. Yes, you too can adopt a kitty and proceed to spoil him rotten for the next 15 - 20 years. He has given us much love and affection and looks at us every day with so much love in his eyes. He has spent countless hours on our laps purring while being brushed. I encourage you to just sit and see which kitty chooses you. That is what we did, and it has made all the difference.
Date Submitted: 03/14/2017
Gordo - now Teddy Bear

"Gordo - now Teddy Bear"

Teddy made himself right at home. From the first night wolfing down a bowl of dog food (not the brand you sent home with us!) to jumping on our laps and nuzzling us until we petted him anywhere and/or everywhere. He slept in a dog bed or in pet carrier (with the door left open) at first, but soon decided to join me in my queen bed. He started by sitting on my pillow or on my sleeps cuddled next to me or on a comfy towel on the bed. Teddy is a jumper! He loves to jump on the couch next to me, or on the top of the sofa when I'm not home, looking out the window waiting for me. He will also jump on the couch and climb onto the end tables or Grandma's TV table, looking for leftover food. He also loves to ride in the car, look out all the windows, and at the drive-up window at the drug store he even tries to jump in the open drawer! It took him awhile to warm up to Grandma, but now he goes up to her for pats on the head. (He has tried jumping on her lap or in her bed, but we discourage that because she's 95!). Biggest bad habit is his barking! He barks at dogs and people on the street, but he's getting better as I try to train him. However, he is really protective of me and Grandma. Also, he hates the sound of the lawn mower, blowers, trimmers, vacuums, and even the blender! Teddy does amuse us and entertain us; we love having him in our home. He is pretty much house-broken, and loves to go for walks. And he likes to sleep a lot when I'm not home or busy doing something on the computer or in the kitchen. He has a favorite toy he holds in his mouth, almost like a security blanket. Teddy has brought lots of joy into our lives. Thank you, Peggy Adams, for saving him.
Date Submitted: 03/13/2017
Pippa  (formally known as Electra)

"Pippa (formally known as Electra)"

I cannot imagine life without Pippa. She is simply the best. She has the bark of a police dog, but cuddles like a professional lap dog. I went away for three days, and Pippa stayed with my friends and their dog and had a great time. When I came home I received a welcome from Pippa like I have never had before. An adopted dog is more special and more loving- it is just different. My previous dogs loved me, but this is something even more special. Pippa picked me, and I am honored to be her human. LOVE her to the moon and back !
Date Submitted: 03/13/2017


Otis picked us, and we are so glad he did. He is so cute and really smart. He makes us smile every day.
Date Submitted: 03/13/2017


Airi is a Japanese name that means love and affection. She is every possible meaning of the word. I adopted her into our furry family of 3 other felines with Japanese names. She was welcomed into the fold and has since become the play instagator amongst all the others. She is happy, healthy, and sleeps with us every night.
Date Submitted: 03/13/2017
Anya (formally known as Delila)

"Anya (formally known as Delila)"

We renamed Delila, so we call her Anya now. We adopted her in December and completely love her so much. We nap together and play together all day , everyday. She has been the light on my worst days. She completed our little family.
Date Submitted: 03/12/2017


We renamed him Nebraska. We could never dreamed about a better cat than Nebraska. I wasn't sure about adopting another cat after my beloved cat pasted away 1 1/2 years ago (killed by a bobcat). I was looking for an exceptional and lovely cat like my 2 others. We had gone to Peggy Adams a few times before falling for Nebraska. When I saw him, a part of me knew that he was the one, but part of me was still wondering. He was a little crazy at the beginning, jumping on our legs, but it's normal for a kitten. Today I can say he's the perfect cat, and he has the same behavior as my others. He is answering to his name, sleeping with me, following me everywhere (he doesn't want to be alone). He does not meow at all, plays gently, and does not jump on tables or countertops. When I go outside, he follows me like a dog and plays with leaves or branches. He is just my dream cat - lovely, playful, sweet, cute! Thank you so much.
Date Submitted: 03/11/2017


Spark is doing great. He is already the king of the castle! He is great with kids. He is a very energetic and happy kitten.
Date Submitted: 03/10/2017


I adopted Gracie from a foster family. She is the sweetest little dog on the face of the earth. She loves tormenting her sister Birdie (cat). We love that she is a very big part of our family.
Date Submitted: 03/09/2017

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