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I adopted Karloff after my cat Dante passed away. My other cat, Rascal, and Dante were best friends and she was so sad at his loss. I didn't want her to be lonely, and I also didn't want to wait too long before introducing another cat into her life and ours. I decided to look for a black and white cat because that is what Rascal is and what Dante was. I thought it would be best to get a kitten to better assure Rascal would accept it. I started an internet search and came across Karloff from Peggy Adams. His name was Ace then and he was to be at the Pet Supermarket in Royal Palm that Friday. I called right away to let them know I would be driving there from Boca Raton the next day. I was so glad I did. When I was handed "Ace" he immediately curled in my neck and started purring. He was just a baby kitten weighing about 2 pounds and it was love at first sight. The whole way home I talked to him. A song by the Rolling Stones came on and I thought I would change his name to Mick (for Mick Jagger). I got him home and introduced him to Rascal -- Rascal was not immediately happy that I was trying to replace her beloved Dante. Since that time, however, she has accepted him. I had not told my son that I was getting a kitten. When he came home from work, Mick ran right up to him. The two were instant buddies. About 10 minutes later, my son said to me, "Only one thing wrong, Mom. He can't be called Mick because since we are from Florida everyone will thing we named him after a mouse and that cannot be right. How about Karloff, as in Boris Karloff since we like those old monster movies." So Karloff, it is. We love him and he loves us.
Date Submitted: 07/21/2017


Tiger is really happy with his new home and we would strongly encourage everyone to adopt a pet or donate to Peggy Adams to help out these animals.
Date Submitted: 07/21/2017
Benji (formerly Peanut)

"Benji (formerly Peanut)"

Benji is wonderful and well housebroken. He has adopted my grandson as his favorite person. When my grandson is here, Benji comes alive and plays happily with him for the entire day. When my grandson is not here, Benji prefers to lay on the couch (we got him a set of steps because he is too short to hop onto the couch) with a throw pulled over his head. He sleeps in his bed beside me at night, but when my grandson is here he abandons me for my grandson's bed. We walk 3-4 times a day which seems to be plenty for him. He refuses to go out if it is raining, but contains himself until we can get out. Benji definitely has a forever home with us.
Date Submitted: 07/18/2017


We rescued a large Labrador in December. We had a small chihuahua in our house at the time. Those two became like brother and sister when I brought him home. A few months later, we lost the chihuahua suddenly, and the lab was very sad. We decided to go rescue another dog when we came across Cookie. It's like the chihuahua came back as Cookie, these two are inseparable.
Date Submitted: 07/15/2017


My fiancé and I came to look at cats because she felt after the death of a close family member that such would cheer up my spirits. And it did. Because of that visit, we now have a sweet kitten that adds to our fur family. (She had two cats prior.) Doc is a fantastic and energetic and loving kitten. He fits right in like he always belonged with us. Our adoption specialist was amazing as well.
Date Submitted: 07/15/2017


Cici is such a loving girl - all she wants is to be next to someone. She is very calm but hates thunder. She has a brother and all they do is run around and play. They keep each company, and both love to sleep on top of me.
Date Submitted: 07/13/2017


Bella is a an amazing, sweet, and gentle pup. We absolutely love her. She is so full of energy and loves to play. She has adapted very well to the family and to her brother Geo. Bella was potty trained when we took her home and that is a huge blessing. She loves the kids and aims to please. I am so glad we are her forever home.
Date Submitted: 07/13/2017


BOKY, who is now named CALVIN, because our other dog - who could clearly be from the same litter, is named Hobbs, also a rescue. Calvin is such a delightful addition to our family - a perfect fit. Calvin is so affectionate - yes he's still got some puppy stuff going on - and he's the alpha between him and Hobbs, but what a sweet protector he is of all of us, my wife, myself, and Hobbs. He loves to cuddle - something that is a little new to me for a dog to just jump on the bed and plop down on my chest and roll over with this paws in the air like the arms of a child and then hold on to my wrist like his paws are hands! It is such an amazingly loving thing to show. Calvin has made our lives even sweeter, and our love that much deeper, for him, Hobbs and each other.- because he loves all of us so much. We are so blessed by him and thankful to all at Peggy Adams to make our adoption so seamless and perfect.
Date Submitted: 07/12/2017
Ozzie and Harriet

"Ozzie and Harriet"

They are doing great!
Date Submitted: 07/11/2017
Fred & Ginger formerly Sonny & Cher

"Fred & Ginger formerly Sonny & Cher"

Fred and Ginger are quite the entertaining duo! They have made themselves extremely comfortable in their new home and have been a welcomed addition to our house. Our days are filled with laughter thanks to their silly antics and sibling wrestling.
Date Submitted: 07/09/2017

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