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Lilo was adopted at 2 months old and was very small. She is now adjusting to a loving household of 2 small dogs and toddler. She loves a good combo of playing and cuddling. She loves to be a part of the crowd and comes around whenever she hears voices congregating in a specific room. Her favorite toy to play with is princess wands!
Date Submitted: 09/19/2016


We adopted Dutch on Father's Day. Dutch is a very high energy dog. It was definitely an adjustment for him being in a new home with small children. Once we found an outlet for him with all of his energy at doggy day care 3 times a week Dutch settled in nicely. He's discovered a love for swimming and training. We attend regular obedience classes with Dutch and he's doing great. He's a very smart dog and mischievous. He enjoys stealing my children's stuffed animals and playing keep away or hiding them. He enjoys playing fetch and learning new tricks. In the first few months with us everything was a new adventure for him including car rides, navigating stairs, the dog park, and visits to my office. I enjoy working with him daily on new commands. He's a well loved part of our family. Sincerely, Kevin O'Brien
Date Submitted: 09/19/2016 known as Busto Wiggly Bob

" known as Busto Wiggly Bob"

I lost my buddy, my pal, my friend Pud on June 1, 2016. I didn't want to feel that loss again and decided no more pets. After a few days, I realized, I have been alone these years but never felt lonely, because of my pets. As the days passed, I realized I needed another heart-beat in my home. I saw Bob on the web-site and related immediately...he was older and had immune deficiency, and only about 3 inches of his tail...he probably wouldn't get much attention for adoption. Let me tell 'ya... Busto Bob has been the best ! He may not be there when I go to sleep at night, but he is there when I wake...always touching me...with his paw or some part of his body. It seems to be a need for him. Well, it fills my need, too. Thanks to Kate, the adoption coordinator, and all at Peggy Adams...I have a buddy, pal and friend ...again!
Date Submitted: 09/13/2016


Sadie was scared of new people and animals at first, but then she met our overly friendly, loving 80 lb American Bulldog. They became fast fur friends and soon had come to an agreement. Sadie would wrestle all hours of the day and night, IF Leia would lick her ears in the end and everyone was happy. We were the happiest because Sadie took it upon herself to teach Leia, who was two years younger, some doggy manners. Best of all, in our Star Wars loving household we found out that when Sadie tries to talk, she sounds exactly like a Wookie. We could not be happier. We love Peggy Adams!!
Date Submitted: 09/08/2016


Merry is such a great dog! He had heart worm and required three treatments from Peggy Adams to destroy the worms. Before we rescued him, he was on the streets for a while and when he first came to us he was really frightened by any quick movements, especially with our hands. Now he has relaxed, turns on his back and loves to have his belly rubbed. He loves to run around the yard and leaps at butterflies and chases birds and lizards. Our cat Mango is very small and old and rules our home and yard. She puts up with Merry but won't play with him, Merry follows her around the yard and tries to play but she will not. Merry brings lots of love and laughter to our home, he is always eager to catch a ball, toy or pull a tissue from a Kleenex box. He loves to play with children, other dogs that visit us and gets into muddy puddles while out in the rain. But all is not lost as he also loves to get baths. Merry is joyful and fun. He can do several tricks. One of his favorite tricks is to catch food tossed to him out of the air. This is great for his pills, as the bread wraps easily over a pill or vitamin and --voila!-- he catches and gobbles up the incognito bread ball. Merry is really a character that makes us laugh every day. My favorite time of the day comes at night, about nine p.m. he hops into my lap and falls asleep while I scratch his chest and belly. He is a blessing and we thank God each day that he has come into our family.
Date Submitted: 09/07/2016
was JAX now OLIVER

"was JAX now OLIVER"

When Jax entered Peggy Adams we could not believe that a Great Dane would be available for adoption. He was just a puppy 7 months, but nearly 90 pounds. We love Danes, and always wanted one. We have two teenage boys, and heard that Great Danes were fabulous with kids. We went to meet Jax, and fell in love. There was something special about his big floppy ears, gallop, and personality that made him so appealing. When Jax met our sons it was like they already knew each other. It was then that we decided to go forward with the adoption. Our family voted to rename Jax to Oliver. He took the first few days to learn about his new surroundings, the smells, other dogs in the neighborhood, and the new sounds, but after that he became very comfortable with his new home, finding new spaces to take naps. We have enjoyed having Oliver in our house, and we love having a big dog. Oliver is the great protector of our house, and great with kids and visitors. We took Peggy Adams up on some free training offered and Ms. Julie the behaviorist. She really is a pro at teaching us little things that have made a gigantic impact with having a dog this size. We wish to thank Peggy Adams for having such a wonderful facility in Palm Beach County. The staff and volunteers have all been very helpful. We have gone back to the facility for medical help, shopped at the store, and taken training classes and each time our visits have been great. We are long time supporters of Peggy Adams and your mission, as each of our cats has been adopted as well. Over the years we have adopted several cats and each time the service was equally impressive. As Oliver matures we will be sure to keep you posted, thank you for taking the time to ask how he is doing. We are very proud of him, and cannot imagine our family with out him.
Date Submitted: 09/02/2016
Fig (name was Figgi before adopted)

"Fig (name was Figgi before adopted) "

It's only been three months since we adopted Fig, and he has already found not only a special place in our family, but in our hearts as well. It was love at first sight when my mom Kristine and I saw Fig for the first time at Peggy Adams. We were the first people at the adoption center that day, so we were taking our time looking at each cat when all of a sudden this gorgeous furry orange tabby came charging towards one of the glass doors as if saying "hello." He was the most beautiful cat we had ever seen and had such a cute personality that we had to go in and visit him. He immediately started rubbing against us and wanted our undivided attention and that was all it took for our hearts to melt and think "he's the one we've been looking for." Our cat Davie had passed away almost a year before and he was our everything. We had been taking it slow trying to find the perfect new addition to our family, but as soon as we met Fig we knew he would help us heal. We took him home that day. My dad and twin sister immediately fell in love with him as well. It couldn't have been more perfect! Fig has adapted so quickly into our family, which was no surprise considering he is such a lovable, playful, silly, and beautiful boy. He may be seven, but you'd think he was a kitten. His favorite things to do are beg for food, play with his toy mice, show off his delectable belly by sleeping on his back, and rubbing up against our legs or hands for attention. It's hard to imagine life without our precious little "golden nugget!" We feel so incredibly blessed to have him, and I believe without a doubt that we were meant to find each other.
Date Submitted: 08/24/2016
Princess Belle

"Princess Belle"

I adopted Princess Belle in June 2016 and I am so happy with her. She is my constant companion and a delight to have in my home. I'm thrilled that Peggy Adams helped me choose such a loving and beautiful cat. She plays with my dog and gets along with the other cats at home.
Date Submitted: 08/09/2016
Trouble (Prince) and Mary (CoCo)

"Trouble (Prince) and Mary (CoCo)"

Hello, I just enrolled in the Peace of Mind Program and Kim Hanson was kind enough to write about it in the September Shaggy Sheet. I lost my beloved cat in April and within 2 weeks these two came into my life. They are a joy and I love watching them play. There was a cat I would have adopted had I known I was about to lose mine--but the timing was off. Since I was a volunteer at the time this one cat was very special to me --his name was Buddy. I spent a lot of time nursing him back to health and within a day in the adoption room he was adopted by a very kind man. Buddy is the reason I am donating a large amount of money in my will for Peggy Adams. Thank you, Sincerely Clare Lazarow
Date Submitted: 08/06/2016
Loki (formerly Louie)

"Loki (formerly Louie)"

After deciding that our dog Ajax (a Pets for Patriots rescue) was ready for a canine companion, we decided to visit Peggy Adams to see if there was another dog who would fit into our family. We walked around the shelter 3 times, noting which dogs would approach us and were enthusiastic about all the humans in our family. It was a hard decision to make - but finally we narrowed our search down to 3 dogs. Louie (now known as Loki) was definitely our first choice, he was a little bit older than we were originally looking for, but we felt he would be a great fit - and we were right. After only a week Loki is really fitting in well - he is much better behaved on the leash (although he still does tug sometimes), and there have not been any "accidents" in the house. Loki's sociability is also rubbing off on Ajax, who is already becoming a much more "human" friendly dog!!! Although both dogs have lots of toys, they prefer to play tug of war with rubber balls... PERFECT!!!
Date Submitted: 07/30/2016

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