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Walker is a curious cat who is into everything. He truly believes he is a dog. He lives to play fetch, he comes when called, and greets visitors by jumping on his hind legs and nudging their hand for a pat on his head. All in all he has added a great deal of spice to the household. He has become the "alpha" cat much to our older Siamese cat's dismay.
Date Submitted: 01/29/2018


The afternoon was young. I saw this chubby little cat in a very well-kept room. I knew she was the one for me. I picked her up, hugged her, and took her home that day. For the first week or so, she spent most of her time hiding. Actually, there's a time when I thought she ran out of the house. I actually got signs made and everything and put them up around the neighborhood. But it turned out she made her way underneath the dresser and she was hiding there. But after a little bit of time, she started coming out into the house. Now, my husband and I can't get rid of her. She sleeps on the bed with us. She plays with our other cat. She's generally really really happy. I think Peggy Adams is amazing! I think Athena is very happy in her new forever home and we're very happy with her.
Date Submitted: 01/28/2018


I moved down here from NJ with my adult cat Lance, and I know he missed having a four-legged friend. I adopted Arthur from Peggy Adams, and now my boys are inseparable! Thank you!!
Date Submitted: 01/26/2018


It took a while for Milly, one of his big sisters, to accept him. Now they are buddies, chasing each other around the house, wrestling, and cuddling.
Date Submitted: 01/25/2018


Luna has become a wonderful addition to our family; we love her as if she’s been with us for years . We can’t imagine life without her . She is super spoiled , very energetic , funny and always into something. She has many toys we keep in our kitty play land room created especially for her. Thank you for bringing Luna into our lives.
Date Submitted: 01/22/2018
Lillian Sage

"Lillian Sage"

Lillian has become so close to me. She sleeps with me every night, and we have become best friends! She is my life. I remember when I first got her I looked into her eyes and I knew I will never give up on her. Her daddy will be there always.
Date Submitted: 01/20/2018


I got “Smokey” who is now Jaxon as a Christmas gift. I was shocked and skeptical seeing as I have never owned a cat before and not knowing anything about them. As soon as I brought him home, I knew he was going to change my life for the better. He is the cutest, most rambunctious and loving kitten ever. He brings me so much happiness, laughter, and lots of scratches (lol). I love him so much and am so grateful. Thank you Peggy Adams for the new addition to my family!
Date Submitted: 01/19/2018


Rizzo was born without eyes, and a staff from Peggy Adams reached out to me to see if I would like to adopt this baby. At first sight, I fell in love. He had long soft fur and cuddled me immediately. Peggy Adams worked with me to get his eyes sewn shut to prevent infections, and now, 3 months later, Rizzo is happy as can be! He lives in a home with 3 dog brothers, and he plays and cuddles with all of them. Rizzo runs about the house just like a normal happy cat, and absolutely loves his Kitty Caviar treats! Rizzo listens to movies with me in bed, and sleeps on the pillow right next to my head. I couldn't have asked for a better pet. Thank you so much to Peggy Adams, Lesyle in the Foster program who referred Rizzo to me, and to Dr.Coates who always checked in with us about how he was doing!
Date Submitted: 01/18/2018
Lei Lei

"Lei Lei"

She's super happy. We love having her in our forever home. My daughter and her dog are inseparable. They talk and play every minute they're together...I think the naughty bits of steak and bacon she shares from the table have something to do with the strong bond LOL. Since Lei Lei was under-socialized, we enrolled her in daycare, now she's out of her shell, has a ton of dog friends, and truly loves running and playing at daycare. She's a beautiful dog and gets compliments all over town. Happy puppy.
Date Submitted: 01/17/2018
Benny and Joon

"Benny and Joon"

We adopted Benny and Joon together in mid-October 2017. They are litter-mates, probably siblings—a male and a female. At first we thought the female was part Siamese, as she is white, but she had a long, striped raccoon-style, very non-Siamese tail, and someone told us both cats had Bengal markings. So we looked them up online and, sure enough, found lots of information about the Bengal breed. So although they were strays brought in from Hurricane Irma. Joon resembles a snow Bengal. Benny’s coat is dark and light brownish grey in a marble pattern. They were beautiful kittens, and are growing into truly beautiful cats. They both love to be handled, petted, and brushed. They are active, playful, entertaining, lovable, self-sufficient, curious, and adventurous. When they are separated for a while, one will call out to the other and always gets a quick response, so they reconnect in short order. They look out for each other and also ask for attention from us periodically—but not in a pestering way. We didn’t realize how quiet (dull?) our household had become until they moved in. They add a great deal of fun and entertainment to our lives. We could not be happier to have them. Thank you, Peggy Adams!
Date Submitted: 01/16/2018

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