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Happy Tails Adoption Stories


"Poppy "

Poppy was adopted by me and my girlfriend a couple of months ago. We renamed her "Athena". Athena has impacted our lives so much. She is such a loving and outgoing dog and we want to thank Peggy Adams for allowing us to adopt her. Athena loves playing with her toys and cuddling with you when she is not playing.
Date Submitted: 08/29/2017


Aries became a part of our family a few months back. Shortly after, I went through a few serious changes, and I never knew at that time how much he was going to help me through all of that. He is so loving and has the greatest personality. He really is family, and I couldn't imagine life without him at this point. He greets me at the door every day after work, sits with me while I make coffee, and cuddles with me every night. I absolutely adore him, and I'm so grateful for your facility for bringing us together.
Date Submitted: 08/28/2017


We adopted him, and he is thriving well. He has a strong personality and is playful. Glad we have him in our lives.
Date Submitted: 08/26/2017
Danny now Max

"Danny now Max"

Max moved into our home and immediately won the hearts of our entire family, as well as the neighbors. I've had cats for my entire life, however, after losing my last cat 2 years ago we decided we wouldn't adopt another since we travel a good bit. I finally broke down and gave in after urging from my kids and grandkids. They knew how much I really wanted another kitten to cuddle. When I ran the idea by them, and the 5 little girls across the street, they all got on board. They will be in charge of Max when we're traveling (never more than a week or two at a time). Max (the kids all decided that the name Danny didn't fit him) actually travels with us to our home in North Carolina. He's a great little traveler. Max truly is the light of our lives. Adopting him was the best thing I've done for myself and my husband. We actually fight for his attention! What a joy he's been.
Date Submitted: 08/24/2017

"Gigi "

Love my Gigi - glad I adopted her. She's just a blessing to me and my family!!!
Date Submitted: 08/24/2017


Misty is such a warm and friendly little angel. I love her so much. She was a little shy at first but has really come through and loves to play. She is nine years old, but you would never know it. She eats well, plays with the other dogs and cats, and is a lot of fun for me. This is a very special friend for me.
Date Submitted: 08/24/2017
Figaro and Finn

"Figaro and Finn"

Figaro and Finn are loving their new home together.
Date Submitted: 08/23/2017
Kay aka Buhbie!

"Kay aka Buhbie!"

She is lovely - a HUGE sweetheart and has so much love. She loves to cuddle, and I'm so happy to have her here and part of the family.
Date Submitted: 08/18/2017


Jamie from day one has been nothing less than a joy in my life. She is all settled in and very much loved. I enjoy spoiling her everyday. She has a veterinarian that makes sure she has all her necessary updated shots, and of course heartworm, and preventive flea and tick medicines. Thank you Peggy Adams!
Date Submitted: 08/16/2017


I had been looking for a bichon for months. I was using adopt-a-pet, and they sent me a list of bichons. I saw Tina on your site and knew it was meant to be because my name is Tina. She has been wonderful, and I am very happy she is with me.
Date Submitted: 08/16/2017

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