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My previous dog, Pepe - a Maltese, had died approx.5 weeks before. I live alone and was lonely. I checked out your site and saw Bud. He was what I was looking for, mixed breed, young, and small - only 18lbs. I went to PA and met him for a trial run. He seemed active but perfect. I adopted him and took him home. On the very first night, he insisted that he sleep under the covers. He has never toileted in the house & lets me know when it's time to go by sitting in front of me and begging. He sits when told and gives paw on either side. He managers to get along with my cat who can kick his butt if required. He is a barker but responds well to the threat of my water pistol. People are intimidated by him at first because of his enthusiastic barking, but they soon come to realize he's just very happy to see them. He's constantly playing with my neighbor's kids and my tenant's children. I cannot believe any rational person would give up this fantastic pooch. I'm super happy I got him from Peggy Adams. Bless you all and maybe when I return from NJ, I'll volunteer at your wonderful facility.
Date Submitted: 08/14/2017


Jayce is doing beautifully! Never needed one minute of time to get adjusted to the rest of us! He travels with us. He has 4 other dog pals and one cat. He swims in our pool. We adore him so much!!!!
Date Submitted: 08/14/2017


My daughter adopted Moe as a Mother's Day present. Moe came to our home and adjusted very quickly. He is spoiled. The family loves him to the moon and back. He really is a part of our family. Thank you, Peggy Adams, for connecting us. He's an amazing dog.
Date Submitted: 08/12/2017
Bimini (formerly Latka)

"Bimini (formerly Latka)"

We adopted Bimini about four months ago. The process went very smoothly (We had adopted from Peggy Adams before), and we couldn't be happier. We already had a lab named Savannah so we had a meet and greet at the shelter and everything went fine, but you never know until you bring them home. Of course, Savannah is 80 lbs. and Bimini is 20 lbs so that was a concern, but as it turned out, they are the best of friends. It is so cute to see the two of them playing together, and Bimini keeps right up with Savannah.
Date Submitted: 08/12/2017


Triton has really settled in well to our crazy family besides not really getting along with our kitty, lol. Our two sons love him. He's a great sport and always ready to play!
Date Submitted: 08/12/2017
Reilly (formerly Mila)

"Reilly (formerly Mila)"

Reilly is doing wonderfully! She is now a certified Emotional Support dog and wears her vest proudly! A week after I adopted Reilly, I convinced my neighbor to seek a new adoptive dog at Peggy Adams and came with her to look. She selected Tango had has loved him every since. I don't know if the two dogs knew each other at Peggy Adams, but they are "best buds" here at home. Thanks again for my new best friend!
Date Submitted: 08/09/2017


I fell in love with Handsome the moment I met him. He is a lover boy and very, very sweet. I recently lost a pet and don't know what I would have done without bringing Handsome & Sweetie into my home.
Date Submitted: 08/08/2017
Speedy now known as SWEETIE

"Speedy now known as SWEETIE"

When I first brought Sweetie home, she was a bit timid and shy. But now, 6 months later, she has made herself at home. She loves her fish scratching post, sitting on the top of my dresser, and loves to eat. She is a joy!!
Date Submitted: 08/08/2017


Percy chose me. Literally chose me. We walked into the Pet Supermarket, and there's a little cat habitat with 3 little kittens from Peggy Adams all piled together, right up front. As soon as I walk up to the cage, this little furball pops his head up out of the pile, walks up to the door, sits, and in the politest possible way goes "mrrrrp!" I open the door, picked him up, and it was like holding a motorboat. He did NOT stop purring! There was no way he wasn't coming home with me after that. One of the best decisions we've ever made.
Date Submitted: 08/06/2017
Oscar and felix

"Oscar and felix"

They are my world. I had went in to find a little cuddle buddy but when I saw these two cuddled together I couldn't just take one. The best additions to my little family.
Date Submitted: 08/04/2017

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