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Snoopy or Snoopdog

"Snoopy or Snoopdog"

Snoopdog came into my life by chance. It was my lucky day when I visited the adoption center and the young lady suggested Snoopy for me. I met him June 22, 2017 and took him home. He has gotten settled in, and we are working on some basic training. I feel very blessed that Snoopy came into my life.
Date Submitted: 09/21/2017
Giovani (formerly NYX)

"Giovani (formerly NYX)"

Gio is doing great! He LOVES to play and you will find him at all hours with his favorite toy dangling out of his mouth (a bright pink shoelace of all things). He also loves to sit on the windowsill and try to catch the lizards and other small animals that cross his path. He is very friendly, with most people commenting that he is "the friendliest cat they've ever met". While he doesn't necessarily love to cuddle, he is getting better at sitting on our laps for a bit. But even then he mostly follows us around everywhere we go. He definitely tolerates it when my husband tries to play "rough" with him! Gio adapted to our home easily. It tool him a solid week to find his spots, feel comfortable, and stop being curious about things, but he is now right at home. He travels fairly well too. For Hurricane Irma we evacuated to my in-laws and felt comfortable enough about letting him wander that house. Even with a small dog following he did not appear stressed out. He also has not had any problems with his box. Even at the new house. But boy, was he happy to go home! We have only had one concern with Gio. When I first got him I took him to the vet to get checked out and also schedule a teeth cleaning. His medical record indicated gingivitis in the past, so I wanted the vet to take a look at that. Unfortunately, the vet said that Gio suffers from periodontitis-excessive gingivitis, and that eventually he will probably have to have all of his teeth pulled. Thankfully my husband and I are in a financial situation where we will be able to afford this. We have also taken the precautions to hopefully slow down the eventual (wet food only, dental treats, cleanings twice a year..). And the vet assures us that he will be okay and will adapt well. We love Gio and he is a perfect addition to our family. This is my husband's first time owning a cat and I'm so happy Gio is his first!
Date Submitted: 09/21/2017

"Bella "

I was just looking around for a bit in the cat area to ease my boredom and the last enclosure I enteted had this tiny black kitten. I sat and she came right up to me, climbed into my lap, up to my chest and fell asleep. I sat for an hour like that and fell in love. She came home with a cold, but soon was a ton better running around like a tornado. We now have taken to calling her "hurricane Bella " because she is a nut! Yet, every night when I return home from work, she climbs up and cuddles my neck and sleeps like the first time. I love my little Bella!
Date Submitted: 09/21/2017


Molly has been an amazing addition to our family. We honestly cannot get enough of her. She is the most affectionate and loving kitten ever! We absolutely love her so much! She lets us constantly pet and hug her. What a treasure! Even the dogs enjoy her company! We will never tire of her meowing & purring!
Date Submitted: 09/20/2017


Barkley rescued us almost 3 years ago. He was a small 20 lb, 4 yr old Schipperke mix. I was going thru a divorce and lots of things were changing. I felt my children and I needed a good change in our lives. I went to Peggy Adams online, found Barkley and as soon as I met him knew he was right for us. Barkley had been trained around small kids and cats before, and was full of love. He was in great health, and while I love puppies, I don't have the time to train and house-break one. Barkley has a lot of playfulness in him with the benefits of an older dog. I brought my 2 kids, then 6 & 9, to meet him the next day. They fell in love immediately! Barkley had a former name that we felt didn't fit him, and he took to his new name instantly. He is extremely affectionate and loves everyone and thinks every dog is his friend. I have no idea how he had 2-3 homes before becoming part of our family b/c we could never let him go. He is so sweet, affectionate, and just wants to be as physically close to me and the kids as possible. He has never showed his teeth or bitten me or the kids. If my son 8 or daughter 10 hug him too tight by accident, Barkley will let out a little growl and get up and walk away. I taught my kids to be gentle, and we have never had a problem. We love him so much and he knows it! He sleeps on our beds with us at our feet. Thank you, Peggy Adams, for taking great care of all the animals in your care and finding fur-ever homes for them. I would take home all the dogs and cats if I could! God bless your staff and volunteers!
Date Submitted: 09/20/2017
Neko (formerly Serio)

"Neko (formerly Serio)"

Neko has thrived in country life. He has grown to a healthy 7 lb bundle of love and energy. He loves to play with his sister Barbie adopted together.
Date Submitted: 09/19/2017


Barbie is well loved and spoiled rotten. She and her brother Neko spend their time together.
Date Submitted: 09/19/2017


We adopted Sky 3 month ago, and she has been doing great. She is so lovable and loves to play. It was a lucky day for us when we adopted her at Peggy Adams!
Date Submitted: 09/16/2017


Banjo adapted to his new home in Jacksonville very well. He is the most happy puppy in the world. He is very well known in the neighborhood for the pup with the "old man's face" or simply as "grandpa" - haha. He has made so many new friends that he plays with everyday. He is the most precious puppy, and I wouldn't trade him for the world! I love you Banjo :)
Date Submitted: 09/15/2017


I got her from Peggy Adams about three months ago. She is a great dog and great for my lifestyle. Penelope is such a good dog and is loving life here in Ohio. I got her over the summer so she can come to school with me in Ohio. She is loving the Ohio weather better than the Florida weather. She has many friends up here and loves to be outside. I was not originally going to come to Peggy Adams to look at dogs, but I had a free hour in my day to look at another rescue before my appointment at another rescue. I saw the picture of her on the cage and instantly fell in love with her. She was at a pet store being shown off and I drove there to go adopt her.
Date Submitted: 09/15/2017

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