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Youth Volunteer Opportunities 

While our age requirement is 17 to volunteer on campus there are opportunities available for those under 17. 

iFoster: Ages 10-17. This program allows youth volunteers to take on a foster animal (likely a kitten but sometimes cats, puppies and dogs) until they’re old enough to be processed into the shelter system. To learn more about iFoster, click here   

Wishlist Collections: Any age. Youths can help by viewing our wish list and setting up collection efforts for these much needed items with their girl/boy scout troops, teammates, classmates, neighbors or church groups and deliver them to the shelter. For the collection drop off you can schedule a tour  with a photo op for Facebook.  *NOTE: Community service hours for food donations to Peggy's Pantry are no longer given. Community service hours for donations are no longer accepted by the Palm Beach County School District.  

Project Groups: Ages 15 and older. Pull together friends, teammates, classmates etc. and visit the campus to do some project work (cleaning, scrubbing, yard work etc.) This is a great way to help the shelter and work as a team. To learn more about our Project Group program, click here.  

Walk for the Animals: Any age. Youths can create a ‘pack’ for the Walk for the Animals each March and help fundraise and create awareness for the event and the shelter animals. To learn more about our Walk for the Animals, click here

Advocacy: Any age. Advocating the work the League does is always helpful. Youths who are active on social media can 'like' us on Facebook and share our messages. They can also view our adoptable animal lists and promote their favorite shelter animals. To view our adoptable animals, click here

Donations for Hours: Per The School District of Palm Beach County - donations in exchange for hours is not an acceptiable form of hour collection. As such, this program is no longer available. Click here to review the School Districts guideline document. 

Internship: Ages 12-17 only. Youths can apply for an internship at the League. This program takes students through the shelter the same way as an animal comes through - starting at intake and receiving, surgery, adoption and everything in between. Due to the number of animals in our care at this time, the youth internship program has been put on hold indefinately. 


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