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Berman Memorial Pet Gardens
In Memory of Dr. Richard D. Berman and His Friend "Logan."
Who was Dr. Richard D. Berman?

Richard was a world-class animal advocate. A chiropractor and holistic healer, Dr. Berman graciously treated his patients with natural healing, sound nutrition and tender loving care. A vegetarian and outspoken animal-welfare advocate, Richard loved animals from the time he was a little boy. “Logan” was Richard’s first love, a small black female terrier rescued from an animal shelter when Richard was in chiropractic school. They were inseparable in life and when “Logan” died at age 11, her ashes were buried along with Richard’s so that they can be together in eternity. It is Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Berman’s hope that your thoughtful and unique gift will help save the lives of homeless animals, while providing an everlasting tribute to your beloved pet. - (Words from Dr. Sidney Berman)

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Cherish a Memory

Losing your pet is a heartbreaking experience, and choosing a final resting place for your friend is a very personal ... and sometimes difficult decision. The Berman Memorial Pet Gardens, located at the Animal Rescue League, was created to provide a lovely, serene setting for your beloved companion’s final resting place. The Garden is composed of the Pet Columbarium (Mausoleum) and the Memorial Brick Walkway.

Remembering the years of love given to our pets, a lifetime of friendship and devotion reciprocated, we cherish the memories long after they have gone. Because the Animal Rescue League understands the deep bond between people and their companion animals, we are grateful to be of service to you and your pet during this difficult time.


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