About Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Board of Directors:

Jane Grace, Honorary Chairman

Lesly S. Smith, Chairman

Sam Hunt, Vice Chairman

Joanie Van der Grift, President

Nellie Benoit, Vice President

Daniel Hanley, Treasurer

Laurie Raber Gottlieb, Secretary

Jack Flagg, Executive Committee

Carol Garvy, Executive Committee

Daniel E. Ponton, Executive Committee

Members: James D. Berwind, Virginia Burke, Candy Hamm,  Vicky Hunt,  Linda Miller, Pauline Pitt, George E. Summers, Nancy Brougher

Director Emeritus: Louis Auslander 

Directors Emerita: Dotsy Letts

Management Team:

Rich Anderson, Executive Director/CEO

Heidi Nielsen, Director of Information, Communication and Outreach

Lawrence Nicolas, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Beth Keser, Director of Medical Services

Sharon Anderer, Finance Director

Jaclyn Berger, Human Resources Director

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