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How are we doing?

At Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, we believe in being completely transparent and are committed to sharing statistics and data to help you track our performance and the impact we are having on the lives of animals in our local community.

We measure our success, in part, through the “save rate,” which is based on all the cats and dogs we receive, regardless of their age, temperament or physical condition.

In the last year alone 5,654 pets were adopted into new homes, reunited with their families, or transferred to partner organizations. At the end of 2018 (December 31, 2018), our save rate was 96% for all dogs and 86% for all cats. 

Our save rate for healthy cats and dogs was 100%.

Thanks to our compassionate community, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League has achieved one of the highest rates for saving homeless pets in the country.  Our data is collected and reported based on Florida Statute Section 823.15 “Transparency in Animal Shelter Act”.  


Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Transparency Reports
Annual Report (2018) 

IRS Form 990 (2018)
Audited Financials (2018)


We are often asked: "Are you a no-kill shelter?"

The answer is: Peggy Adams is a managed admission animal shelter which means we open our doors to cats, dogs, kittens and puppies that need our help up to the maximum number for which we can provide care.  At times, that number exceeds 1,000. These animals can be old, ill, injured, unwanted or lost.  In every case, we strive to relieve suffering, always keeping in mind the needs of the animals first.  In some cases, this may lead to humane euthanasia for medical or behavioral issues affecting quality of life.

  1. We do not euthanize healthy animals.
  2. We do not euthanize due to lack of space.
  3. There is also no time limit for how long a pet can remain in our care.
  4. Our goal is to find a loving home for every adoptable, treatable and rehabilitatable animal.
  5. Our primary focus is on saving the lives of animals here in our local community.  That means that 99% of the animals sheltered at Peggy Adams in 2018 were from Palm Beach County.

While we could proclaim that Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is a "no-kill" shelter, we do not use that label because our ultimate goal is to ensure that all adoptable dogs and cats in Palm Beach County are saved. Unfortunately, adoptable animals are still at risk of being euthanized at the one government operated shelter in our community (Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control).  We believe it is the responsibility of every animal welfare organization in Palm Beach County to save the lives of these animals. The save rate at the county shelter for dogs was 88% in 2018 and the cat save rate was 62%.

When that day comes – when we can say all adoptable animals are being saved in Palm Beach County – Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League will proudly proclaim that we aren’t just a “no kill” shelter but that we are part of a greater “no kill” community.

Accomplishments in 2018
Adopt Peggy Adams


dogs, cats, puppies and kittens were adopted into homes

Spay Neuter Peggy Adams


spay/neuter surgeries  were performed

Countdown 2 Zero

In 2014, as part of our effort to help save the lives of all adoptable animals in our local community, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League partnered with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners to launch the Countdown 2 Zero initiative.  Its goals are to focus on and expand programs that reduce the number of animals entering shelters, to build collaboration among dozens of animal welfare organizations, and to bring together the entire community to end unnecessary euthanasia in Palm Beach County by 2024.  

Countdown 2 Zero position statement and mission:

Our Belief: our community has the expertise, the means and thus the obligation to aggressively implement strategies that will reduce the number of animals needing temporary shelter and end the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Palm Beach County.

Our Mission: At all times and in every way, we are advocates for animals. We ensure their safety and comfort, strive to alleviate their suffering and work to place and keep them in homes that provide a responsible lifetime commitment to them. We speak out publicly to promote and defend their interests. We oppose all forms of animal cruelty. We promote spay/neuter and other critical programs focused on our goal of preventing the euthanasia of adoptable animals in Palm Beach County by 2024. We oppose taking the lives of healthy or treatable animals. We provide services that promote responsible pet ownership and humane attitudes toward all life because we understand the critical role people play in improving the welfare of animals in our community.

    Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

    We Believe in the Collaborative Approach

    • Collaboration ensures a common voice and message.
    • Collaboration provides a clear picture of our community’s challenges.
    • Collaboration makes the goal clear.
    • Collaboration promotes effective, targeted programs.
    • Collaboration maximizes resources.
    • Collaboration keeps the focus on lifesaving, not infighting.
    • Collaboration creates a yardstick for measuring progress.
    • Collaboration helps sustain the lifesaving focus, regardless of who's in charge.
    • Collaboration enhances public confidence, trust, and support. A collaboration that prioritizes lifesaving can implement a coordinated effort to end the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy and treatable shelter dogs/cats community-wide.
    Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

    Our Critical Areas of Focus

    • High Volume, Affordable Spay/Neuter
    • Targeted Free Spay/Neuter of the Most at Risk Cats and Pit Bulls 
    • Proactive Lost & Found
    • T.N.V.R. (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return)
    • Medical and Behavior Programs
    • Proactive and Efficient Adoptions
    • Rescue Networks
    • Foster Care
    • Keeping Pets and People Together
    • Volunteers 
    • Community Outreach & Involvement
    • Advocacy
    Transparency Data

    Our community is making steady progress towards the goal of saving the lives of 90% or more of the animals entering the County-run shelter, but there is still much work to do.  In 2005, 52% of the dogs and 20% of the cats arriving at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control were saved.  In 2018, the “save rate” had improved to 90% for dogs and 68% for cats. That equates to 13,701 fewer animals euthanized in 2018 compared to 2005. 

    To learn more about Countdown 2 Zero, please visit Countdown2Zero.org.

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