ID#A0193368 Meet Sam
Meet your Match Orange: I Am A Wallflower!
Status Available for Adoption
Breed Mixed Breed/
Gender Male
Age 9 Years
Weight 94.00 lbs
Good with Dogs
Location Foster Home

Sam's Story

Greetings. My name is Sam and I do enjoy green eggs and ham. I actually don't care what color they are as long as they are fresh they are yummy. I am a very quaint Gentleman that enjoys his rest and relaxation. I am not the quickest pup in the world and this is fur-tunate for you because I am easy to keep up with. I promise not to deplete your energy resources and will always look out for your best interest. Please feel free to leash me up and take me on adventure so we can really get to know one another. After this introduction, we can trot off together into a life full of love and happiness. Just please take your time with me and don't forgot to bring lots of fantastic treats.I'm part of the Grey Whisker Club, a program that places senior pets in loving forever homes. Adopt me and the shelter will provide a waived adoption fee and an ID tag, as well as yearly wellness exams, monthly flea and heartworm preventatives, and annual vaccinations for the rest of my life. Speak with an Adoption Coordinator to learn more. Senior pets make the best pets!Check me out on the gram - @Potatodogsam. That's right, old dogs CAN learn new tricks... #SeniorsRock

I am part of the

Foster Care Program - Grey Whisker Club Program

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League has several programs in place to aide our animals in their search for forever homes. Some of the benefits we offer with our programs include waived adoption fees, food, routine medical care, medication and other supplies as needed.

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Adoption Process Next Steps

If you are interested in adopting me, please contact to set up an appointment to meet me. If you have questions please call 561-686-3663.

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