ID#A0220346 Meet Trooper
Meet your Match Orange: I Am A Goofball!
Status Available for Adoption
Breed Mixed Breed/
Gender Male
Age 9 Years
Weight 72.00 lbs
Good with I Want To Be Your Only Fur-Kid
Location Foster Home

Trooper's Story

Trooper here, affectionately nicknamed Super Trooper! Why, you ask? I don't actually know, but I think it has something to do with everyone here thinking I'm just that darn cool. Their words, not mine…but I do really like the name! I think it suits my happy-go-lucky personality pretty well, and if you spend a little time with me, I think you might agree. Please don't get discouraged if you say hello to me in my kennel and it seems like I don't want to be friends. I do, it's just that I've been here for a long time now and I feel like I have to protect it - just like I would protect our home. So ask to meet me outside and you'll see what a friendly and goofy guy I am. You might just decide you need to be my pet parent, and as long as I'm your only fur-kid, this Super Trooper is all yours!I'm part of the Grey Whisker Club, a program that places senior pets in loving forever homes. Adopt me and the shelter will provide a waived adoption fee and an ID tag, as well as yearly wellness exams, monthly flea and heartworm preventatives, and annual vaccinations for the rest of my life. Senior pets make the best pets!I'm a sponsored Dolly's Dream dog. Adopt me and we'll go home together with an ID tag, leash, collar, harness, training crate, dog bed, toys, training treat bag, food and water bowls and 7 months of pet insurance. Wow, huh?! Lots of goodies for you and me, and even a waived adoption fee! Meet with an Adoption Coordinator to learn more.

I am part of the

Foster Care Program - Dolly's Dream Program - Grey Whisker Club Program

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League has several programs in place to aide our animals in their search for forever homes. Some of the benefits we offer with our programs include waived adoption fees, food, routine medical care, medication and other supplies as needed.

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Adoption Process Next Steps

If you are interested in adopting me, please contact to set up an appointment to meet me. If you have questions please call 561-686-3663.

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