ID#A0340105 Meet Ginger
Meet your Match Orange: I Am A Personal Assistant!
Status Available for Adoption
Breed Domestic Shorthair/
Gender Female
Age 5 Years
Weight 16.81 lbs
Good with I Have Not Made Fur Friends Yet
Location Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

3200 N Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Fl 33409

Ginger's Story

Hi! My name is Ginger.I was with my last owner for over a year and we were getting alongwonderfully. Then, a week ago he found out he was real sick and wouldn’tbe able to provide the daily care I need. ( I have diabetes and need twoinsulin shots a day. Not hard to do and he got really good at it to thepoint where it didn’t even hurt me!) I asked him to take me back to PeggyAdams and of course, he did because no place is better in a situation likethis for us animals!I’m a big girl ( not a fatty catty, just big-boned, please!) and I need ahigh-sided litter box that’s easy to step into. I don’t like to make mypeople clean up my pee because my aim was high.One of my more interesting and funny traits is that I will talk to you,sometimes for minutes. If I make one of my sounds at you and you respondsimilarly, we could go back and forth for as long as you want. Actually, Istop when I want to. It’s so cute though you’ll probably want to keepgoing, and going, and going. Just like that pink TV bunny!I’m shy at the beginning of our relationship (aren’t we all?). I’m not alap cat. But once I get to know you, I will always be close by. Maybe atyour feet or, if I really like you I’ll sit on one of the arms of yourrecliner while you’re watching TV and let you pet me. By the way, my furris kind of thick but if you brush me with a good and comfortable wire brush(like the HARTZ Groomers Best Small Slicker Brush) as my last owner did, Iam very, very soft and you will love to pet me and rub my furry belly. (Ihad to throw that in ‘cause it’s what I love the best!)COME TO PEGGY ADAMS TO FIND ME AND TAKE ME HOME PLEASE?

Adopt Ginger
Adoption Process Next Steps

If you are interested in adopting me, please contact to set up an appointment to meet me. If you have questions please call 561-686-3663.

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