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Pre-Adoption Application 

In order to make the adoption process easier for our visitors, we ask you to please fill out our pre-adoption form below. It only takes a few minutes to complete. 

For Offsite Adoptions: The store will do their best to facilitate the adoption, providing they have a store member and ample time. The store may need to schedule an appointment for the following day. Learn more about our offsite adoption partners here!

*Please note: Adoptions for animals located at Petco Legacy Place in Palm Beach Gardens are facilitated by Peggy Adams. In order to meet and adopt the animal, you will need to schedule an appointment by contacting the Offsite Adoption Manager at 561-686-6656.

Adopter Infomation 

Please fill out the information about the adopter only. 

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Adoption Information

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Contact Information

Please provide an emergency contact of someone OUTSIDE your home that will always be able to contact you.

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Sign and submit this form.  You will receive a confirmation email after submission. 

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