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Our New Pet Adoption Center

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Our new Pet Adoption Center has been designed by Jackson & Ryan Architects of Houston, Texas, specialists in the field of state-of-the-art animal shelter design. The Center includes the latest advances in showcasing our animals, allowing prospective families to see the dogs and cats at their best. Our new Center offers the kind of housing, training, and interactive spaces that will allow for increased animal enrichment and decreased noise levels, thus reducing the stress of being in a shelter. The Center features weather wise play areas for exercise and behavioral training as well as efficient, dynamic adoption counseling areas immediately accessible to families wishing to offer a dog or cat a forever home.

The New Pet Adoption Center will allow for the expansion of life-saving programs at the Grace Pavilion, including our neonatal Kitten Nursery, our Foster Care Program and our Wellness Clinic, serving our community by improving the health of thousands of dogs and cats in Palm Beach County.

Our domes will remain active too, housing Animal Intake, Stray Holding, Lost and Found, the Behavioral Program and Peggy’s Pantry Pet Food Bank.

The expanded campus will continue to feature the Berman Memorial Gardens and the Pet Columbarium adjacent to a new dog-bone themed pond with a ¼ mile walking trail and nature preserve.

Transforming the Shelter, Transforming Loves

The new Pet Adoption Center will enhance all of our programs. We anticipate that it will do for adoptions what our Grace Pavilion has done for our spay/neuter program.

Here is what that impact looked like:

In 2009, the last year before the Grace Pavilion opened with its state-of-the-art veterinary facilities, Peggy Adams performed 4,883 spay/neuter surgeries. Today, Peggy Adams can perform more than 15,000 spay/neuter surgeries each year with more than 8,000 provided at no cost to the community through special funding.

Imagine what a difference a dedicated Pet Adoption Center could do, now that we’ve seen what a dedicated health-care pavilion has made possible.

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