Bert's Happy Tail!

bert's happy tail

Bert's Happy Tail

Bert, Adopted 5/17/2021

Adopting Bert was the best thing I’ve done since moving to Florida 8 months ago. When I met him at Peggy Adams I was instantly drawn to his friendly meows and big eyes. I told myself I wasn’t going to bring home a pet that day, but immediately left to set my apartment up for him and then returned to adopt him and bring him home.

When we first came home he found shelter under my bed, but when I came home later that evening he was sitting on my bed ready for attention. Seeing him settle into the home these last three months has been really fun, as his personality is shining through more and he’s getting more comfortable with the noises that come with apartment living. 

Coming home to Bert is the highlight of my day, and always puts a smile on my face. He is the definition of a cool-cat and is a big fan of belly rubs. 

Thank you for bringing Bert into my life!



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