Mission Moment - Caterina


Mission Moment - Caterina

Adopted 5/3/2022

Caterina is a 1-year-old cat that came to Peggy Adams on March 12th as a stray with severe mammary hyperplasia (drastic enlargement of the mammary glands). Two of her mammary glands had ruptured and she had ulcerations on the rest. We spayed her to help her mammary tissue decrease in size more quickly. Due to the size of her mammary glands, we had to spay her through her side.

Soon after her spay, Caterina developed pneumonia. She could not be put under anesthesia to clean her wounds, so we gave her delicious food to distract her while cleaning her wounds while she was awake. With strong antibiotics, lots of love and care from the team, and some time, Caterina recovered from pneumonia and her wounds began to heal.

She is an incredibly sweet cat and it was easy to find foster placement for her! She spent 3 weeks recovering a foster home, and her mammary tissue decreased back to normal size during that time. Once cleared for adoption, Caterina had no problem catching the eye of adopters, and shortly after she was on her way to her forever home! 


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