Mission Moment - Liberty

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Mission Moment - Liberty

Adopted 9/18/2021

Liberty is a 4-month-old puppy that came to Peggy Adams as an owner surrender on September 4th. She was surrendered with her mom, Glory. Neither dog had been to a veterinarian in the past. The owner reported that Liberty was born without paws but that she was able to get around without an issue.

We performed x-rays and found that Liberty has underdeveloped or missing bones in her front legs and no wrists or front feet. She walks around sometimes as a human does, on her two back legs. Other times, she will put some weight on what front legs she does have. Fortunately, Liberty is only  3½ pounds so it’s not too much weight for her to put on her nubs!

On physical exam, our veterinarians did not find any other abnormalities with Liberty, just the underdevelopment of her front legs. Liberty's high spirits and playful energy caught the attention of one of our volunteers, and both Liberty and Glory were adopted together in October 2021!


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