Mission Moment - Sonny

mission moment sonny

Mission Moment - Sonny

Adopted 6/27/2021

In April of 2021, Peggy Adams received a call from a local emergency clinic about an injured dog that had just arrived at their clinic.  They knew that Peggy Adams would be able to give him the best chance at getting better and finding a home!.  

When Sonny arrived he was limping and his x-rays indicated he had a hip fracture.  The surgery he needed is called a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) and it is not a surgery that had been performed at Peggy Adams before.  With the help of our University of Florida (UF) shelter medicine interns (see image left), we were able to remove the broken femoral head so Sonny would be comfortable again while walking.  When we anesthetized Sonny for surgery, he vomited a large piece of what appeared to be leather.  Therefore, we had to take x-rays of his abdomen to see if there was more.

The x-rays revealed that his stomach was full of something that shouldn't be there.  Two days after his FHO, Sonny had another surgery performed by our two UF interns.  They pulled out multiple pieces of very hard fake leather.

Sonny recovered very well and we are happy to report that he was adopted by a loving family (see image far right)!


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