Mission Moment - Wilder


Mission Moment - Wilder

Adopted 10/16/2021

Wilder is a 1.5 year old cat that was transferred to Peggy Adams by a local veterinary clinic. Wilder’s owner surrendered him to the veterinary clinic when he was blocked and unable to urinate. The veterinary clinic realized what a sweet boy he was and fought to save him. After the clinic got him unblocked and stable, they brought him to Peggy Adams so he could find a loving home.

Unfortunately, Wilder blocked again within a few days at Peggy Adams. He required a specialty surgery to be done, called a PU surgery, that would allow him to urinate and not block again. This is not a surgery that our veterinarians do, so we called a veterinary surgeon to take care of him. The veterinary surgeon is ambulatory and was able to come to Peggy Adams to perform the surgery instead of Wilder needing to go to her.

Thanks to Olivia’s Fund, we were able to pay for Wilder to have surgery and by coming to Peggy Adams, our team was able to learn more about this type of surgery. Wilder was adopted in October 2021 into a loving home.



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