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mr coco puff


"When my owner passed, I was dropped off at the Peggy Adams Rescue League. A great place but certainly not my forever home! I was determined to find my next owner and ENCOURAGE them to take me HOME! After a few “not quite” and “not the best fit” introductions, I met Clarice Young residing in Palm Springs, Florida. I knew right away, she was a keeper! No dogs in residence AND she noticed right away my declawing! We bonded immediately and I curled up in her arms falling fast asleep. Boy, I was exhausted. I slept on her chest every night and when her breathing was heavily labored, I slept under her hospital bed and stood guard. After her passing, my life and future were once again precarious and uncertain. Talk about 9 lives…how about 9 residences!

Now, Clarice’s daughter, Chef Andrea loved me immediately and we got along famously. We traveled a great distance to an alien world called New York….noisy, cold and dirty. I had a lot of adapting….I enjoy looking out the window and play catch! Chef Andrea has many friends and they all loved me and I got petted and played with ALL the time.

Now I know I could get by on my good looks & charms but I love my human friends (most of them) who have been so warm and caring. I certainly give back with kisses and purrs! I would encourage every human to rescue a loving kitty, just like me!"

-Mr. Coco Puff


sweet vegan

Sweet Vegan Gives Back to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League!

Mr. Coco Puff's talented chocolatier human generously offered to give-back 10% of Sweet Vegan Chocolate sales to help many more animals in Palm Beach County find their happy homes.

When you purchase a Seasonal Subscription Annual or Quarterly box…Sweet Vegan will donate 10% of our sales to Peggy Adams! When you check out, How’d you find Sweet Vegan? Just click: Peggy Adams Subscription Only! That's pretty sweet!

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