The Kitten Cam

Do you love kittens? We have the perfect activity for you! Enjoy the kitten cam, a virtual live feed that connects directly to our kitten nursery at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.

Tiny kittens, some just hours old, are often brought to our shelter by caring people trying to help. But if you find kittens, we recommend to wait and see if the mother returns to her nest before bringing infant kittens to the shelter. Why you may ask? Because mother knows best! Although the nursery is a safe space for kittens to receive 24-hour care, staying with mom until old enough ultimately increases their chances for survival. Please Don't Kit Nap! Learn why here> 

Remember, tiny kittens are absolutely adorable but to best increase their chances for survival we encourage everyone to leave the kittens with mom. Don't Kit Nap! Learn more by clicking the button below.



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