Volunteering With Dogs

Adoptions Concierge – Peggy Adams Campus

Assists clients wanting to adopt a dog by guiding them through the adoption process and showing animals to prospective adopters and answering questions. Duties include data entry, telephone calls, responding to emails, answering questions about adoptable animals, and helping clients pick items for their new pet in the boutique and other duties as assigned. 

Hours/shifts: Daily four-hour shifts: 10AM to 2PM; 12PM to 4PM; 2PM to 6PM



Adoption Ambassadors (adoption foster program) 

Select a dog from the adoption program to foster, find a loving home for the dog and finalize the adoption. Adoption ambassadors receive an “adopt-me-vest” for their foster dog to wear to help promote the adoption.  Marketing the dog via social media, attending adoption events, visiting the dog beach or dog parks, are all ways to help place the dogs in loving homes via the foster program.

Hours/Shifts: Per foster parent’s schedule.



Animal Bio Writer

Responsible for meeting with the pets available for adoption and using information stored in our system regarding the animal’s history, notes (previous owner, behavior team, medical) and any other descriptions to write an adoption biography for potential adopters to read. Bios should describe the pet’s personality, activity level, likes and dislikes in a fun, positive and creative way to attract adopters.

Hours/shifts: Daily, 10AM to 2PM; 1PM-4PM



Animal Photographer & Videographer

Responsible for taking photos and videos of pets that are available for adoption. A great photo/video is the best way to help our shelter pets find a loving home.

Hours/shifts: Daily - 10AM to 2PM; 1PM-4PM



Offsite Adoption Events – Canine Handlers

Assist and provide information to clients wanting to adopt a dog at offsite adoption events. Duties include welcoming clients that want to visit our canines available for adoption, guiding them through the adoption process, and allowing the adopters to interact with the dog, while maintain a safe environment. If available, assist with the loading of the canines on to and off the PetMobile. 

Hours/shifts: based on scheduled events; most events are during the day on the weekends or in the evenings during the week.



Animal Care – Canine (Adoptions and Holding)

Assists dogs and puppies in our care by walking dogs, bathing dogs, doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning kennels, as well as reporting any health or behavior concerns to supervisor. 

Hours/shifts: Daily 8AM to 12PM; 1PM-5PM


Behavior Modification Assistant

Assists the Behavior Department with training and behavior modification of shelter dogs. Tasks include, but are not limited to, tracking training progress data, handling mildly difficult dogs, and following all training guidelines given by the Behavior Department

Hours/shifts: Thurs/Friday/Sat - 9:30AM to 12:00PM or 1:00PM to 3:00PM


Behavior Assessments

Assists dogs and puppies in our care by conducting behavior checks on puppies to ensure they are socialized and ready for the adoption program, and “Meet your Match” – “Canine-ality” evaluations on adult dogs. These evaluations focus on the dog’s personality and behavior vs. breed, which helps us make better adoption matches. 

Hours/shifts: Daily 10AM – 2PM; 2PM -5PM



Dog Play Group Runners

Assists dogs in our care by walking dogs back and forth to the play yards to participate in play groups. Playgroups provide an emotional and behavioral benefit for the dogs and is a critical enrichment and assessment tool.  Knowing the dogs are social with other dogs helps get them adopted into loving homes. 

Hours/shifts: Sunday – Friday, 8AM to 11AM



Enrichment - Canine

Assists dogs and puppies in our care by providing enrichment. Tasks include preparing/distributing treats and toys, collecting and cleaning toys, and interacting with the dogs. 

Hours/shifts: Daily 9AM-12PM; 2PM – 5PM



Foster Parent

Please see our Foster Program Page for various foster volunteer roles -



Photography Dog Handler

Responsible for assisting the Animal Photographers volunteers during photo sessions of our shelter dogs. Dog handlers retrieve dogs from their kennels, walk them to the photography location, & prep and pose the dogs a requested by the photographer.

Hours/shifts: Daily 10AM to 2PM; 1PM-4PM



Saturday Showcase

The Saturday Showcase is a volunteer-driven event, taking place on Saturday’s that focus on long-time and harder to adopt dogs by taking them out of the kennel and engaging with them in positive ways for clients to see.

Hours/shifts: Saturdays, 10AM – 1:30PM


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