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The Good Dog Training Program was designed to help harder to adopt dogs find their forever homes.  These dogs are wonderful dogs. They’re playful, sweet, and affectionate…  Their problem?  The way they look.  Dogs in the Good Dog Training Program are usually 50 pounds or over and have the appearance of a bully-type breed —which some people may find intimidating.

We’re here to change that perception! With our new Good Dog Training Program, these dogs complete some of the most hands-on training out of all the dogs at Peggy Adams. Six to eight dogs are put through a rigorous but fun 6-week training course ending with a certification exam to show off their new-found skills. 

Once the training course is complete, we add another 6-8 dogs to the program!  Just think, you can adopt a pre-trained dog with great manners and basic skills! Also, if you adopt a graduate from the program, you’ll get 4 more weeks of training at no cost and behavioral support if needed. 

Want to adopt, but not sure if your HOA will allow a bully breed? Often, HOAs and apartment complexes will allow bully-type breeds if they have been trained.  It is a win-win for everyone!




Good Dog Graduates are ready to participate in the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen training program with their new owner.  We offer this program FREE to those who adopt a Good Dog Graduate. How exciting! You both can officially become A.K.C. certified!


Not sure if adopting a “Square Head” dog is the right fit for you? Learn more about these dogs on our "Busting Myths About Bully Breeds" resource page! Learn about the history of these breeds, bust some common bully breed myths, and read testimonials from happy pit bull Peggy alumni!

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