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Happy Tails Adoption Stories

Sir Lancelot

"Sir Lancelot"

After going through hard times, i decided it was time to get another cat. I always wanted to adopt a cat. After settling down. I went to Peggy Adams to look at the different cats. Long behold, I found an adorable kitten in the lobby area. I went in to play with him and fell in love. At first, he was shy but finally he warmed up to me. Now I hear him crying when I walk through the door, and he comes running to me. When I'm not home, he plays with the dogs and knocks things off my shelf.
Date Submitted: 03/06/2018
Jay and Lilo (Now are Gianna and Piwacket)

"Jay and Lilo (Now are Gianna and Piwacket)"

After my 24 year old Mainecoon, Merrick, passed away, I went to Peggy Adams and adopted two kittens. Of course, they are a handful, but they are the positive energy that my house needed again! Can’t imagine life without them!
Date Submitted: 03/04/2018
Saydee Marie

"Saydee Marie"

Our little girl has been with us for over 4 months now. She has settled in very well and is enjoying life with our other furry babies (four cats and one cockatiel). She loves to run and play with us a lot and has for sure become a "daddy and mommy's girl (she can't choose one of us). We feel blessed that she picked us to be her forever family and thank God for putting her in our path.
Date Submitted: 03/02/2018


Love our addition to our family!
Date Submitted: 03/01/2018


I originally fostered Samuel as a TLC Foster who was not doing well in the shelter. When I took him home, I was told to be very careful, he had a lot of stress and was swatty and angry. I allowed him to decompress overnight in his playpen in a quiet bathroom. I visited him a few times and played quiet music. The next day, I had frequent visits and cuddle sessions, and fell in love with Sammy. I integrated him in with my resident kitties, and he was a great fit! He is a gorgeous shade of gray, with amazing green eyes, and the softest fur ever!! He is a precious and gentle loving kitty. I ended up as s foster fail, actually a foster WIN! Sammy, now Samson, joined our family as kitty #5. He is the youngest, but with his appetite, now, the roundest. He is a real snuggle bug, loves to play and climb the cat trees. Samson is a definite keeper!
Date Submitted: 02/28/2018


It has been three months since I have adopted this wonderful furry feline friend and I cannot be any happier. He has become my best friend. Thank you!
Date Submitted: 02/28/2018
Berlioz (f/k/a Jaxon)

"Berlioz (f/k/a Jaxon)"

I had just lost my beloved young cat to cancer, a fluffy male tabby who was pure love and cuddles. I was heartbroken. A friend suggested visiting the shelter to see the kittens because who can resist smiling when playing with kittens? I was curious and checked the website for an older cat similar to mine and saw Jaxon, a 4 month old kitten. He was gorgeous. I was sure he would be adopted right away, lucky me he hadn't been. He was VERY shy so probably not everyone’s first choice for a kitten. I decided I was up for the task as mine had been a feral kitten. After being in hiding for several days, I was rather shocked when on Day 4 he gave me a head butt and a nuzzle! His personality has been emerging ever since - he’s a cuddler, likes to chirp, and loves to give nose kisses. I look forward to many years with Berlioz. Thank you for giving him a great start.
Date Submitted: 02/28/2018


We love rescuing dogs (5 presently) and cats (2 now) yet we weren't planning on adopting Lilly (formerly Fatima/Whiskers). We went in for cat food and as we were at the cashier, a Peggy Adams rep/volunteer asked if we wanted to see the sweetest kitten ever.! We fell in love with this sweetheart and took her home. She is my cat yet we all love her! I'm so HAPPY and so is she!
Date Submitted: 02/26/2018


After my husband passed, my son slowly became withdrawn. He asked if we could just go look at the kittens at Peggy Adams, so we went and he absolutely fell in love with a fluffy little kitten named Tess. We took her home that same day, and she has brought much love, joy, and smiles to my son and me.
Date Submitted: 02/25/2018
Khaleesi Rose

"Khaleesi Rose"

We had to put our doggie to sleep, Tiger, who we adopted 14yrs ago from Peggy Adams. The whole family was devastated, especially our kids. We decided to surprise the children with a cat that they had been asking for their whole lives. We brought them to Peggy Adams and pretended we were looking at the animals and I snuck out to adopt Khaleesi. She has been a great addition to our family and we love her so much. It truly filled a hole that we all had in our hearts.
Date Submitted: 02/24/2018

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