Adoption Ambassador Program

Adoption Ambassador Peggy Adams

About the Program

Adoption Ambassadors or Adoptioneers play a crucial role at the League. In this role, Adoptioneers are given a shelter dog or cat who is HIGHLY adoptable to take home. These volunteers are responsible for promoting their adoptable animal by taking them wherever they go (for example Clematis St., the Green Market or other animal friendly places). Adoptioneers are encouraged to use social media to post videos and photos and use other creative ways to promote that 'Fido' and 'Fluffy' are available for adoption. 

The dogs wear their 'Adopt Me' vests and the cats are in 'Adopt Me' strollers.  Adoptioneers are solely responsible for the promotion and eventual adoption of their animals. Adoptioneers receive special tools and training so that they're set up for success. Once the animal is adopted the Adoptioneer can return to the League for another highly adoptable dog or cat, puppy or kitten. 

The goal is to have mini Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League shelters all over the county!



Volunteers must be 17 years of age or older. Learn about youth opportunities. 

The Adoption Ambassador program is NOT available to those seeking to fulfill court appointed hours. Palm Beach County requires a level of supervision on those in this program that the League cannot verify if off campus. 

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