Campaign Update

  • new adoption center video

The Homeless No More campaign, launched in March 2018, completed its first three projects this spring, with actual construction for the new center fully underway in September 2019! Enjoy this update video. Photos of completed preliminary projects appear below.


Projects in Process



The site for the new Pet Adoption & Humane Education Center was cleared in September, 2019 and excavation is underway!  The rear portion of the West Dome has been renovated to create a dedicated indoor behavior training area while construction continues over the next year.  All other services continue as usual in the Grace Pavilion and in the East Dome.  The Adoption & Humane Education Center is on schedule to open in November, 2020. 

For information on remaining naming opportunities or about the campaign in general, please contact Rich Anderson, Executive Director/CEO at 561-472-8844 or



Projects Completed




Pond / Nature Walk

The retention pond at the Military Trail entrance to the property was relocated to the east end of our 13.5 acres.  This new pond, donated in memory of Gilbert S. Kahn, has been designed in the shape of a dog bone!  It features a ¼ -mile walking path lined with new trees that, over time, will grow into those that provide color and those that provide shade. 




Comfortable benches featuring artistic dye-cuts of pawprints and bones are placed along the path for visitors wishing to rest in this gentle wooded space. 

turning lane


Turning Lane

A first-ever turn lane has been created for our Military Trail entrance, leading into new, wider gates set back further from that busy thoroughfare, reducing back up and creating a less crowded entry-way into our grounds.




Handsome new fencing along the south side of our widened entrance on Military gives a glimpse of what the finished property will look like once construction is completed in the fall of 2020.

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