Court Appointed Community Service Program

Court Appointed Volunteering
*At this time, we are NOT accepting Court-Appointed Volunteers*
Program Purpose

The purpose of the Court Appointed Community Service Worker (CSW) program is to use individuals seeking to fulfill court appointed community service requirements for Palm Beach County to help the League accomplish specific League goals.

Program Objectives

This program is structured to meet the following objectives:

  • Daily, non-animal facing shelter and equipment maintenance

  • Enrichment and Food Bank support 

Criteria for Eligibilty
  • Minimum of 40 hours of court appointed community service hours requirements
    • This means you have 40 hours or more that the COURT is requiring you to complete. 
      • Question: I have 15 hours for the court but I'll do another 25 hours, do I qualify?
      • Answer: No. You must have 40 hours or more to complete for the court.   
  • Candidates must be at least 17 years of age (ID or Drivers License required)
  • ONLY non-violent, non-animal & non-drug related misdemeanors will be accepted into the program
  • Proof of charges and required service (required) 
  • Letter from Probation Officer (optional) 
  • Palm Beach County residents only (ID must be provided) 

If you meet ALL of the criteria above – scroll down and register for the next volunteer orientation that suits your schedule. Please note that this process can take a few weeks. It is each individual’s responsibility to plan their time accordingly if they hope to complete their court appointed hours at the League. 

NOTE: Those that require hours for the court must be forthcoming at the time of their interview with the Volunteer Manager.  The Volunteer Manager will not sign off on hours that are outside of the approved roles that are outlined below.  The Foster program and other animal facing roles are not available to those seeking to fulfill court appointed hours. No exceptions.

Service Roles

These are the ONLY roles that a Court Appointed Volunteer can hold in this program. Handling of the animals is not permitted in this program. 


Enrichment Prep – 10am – 1pm / 1pm – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday  

This role includes preparation of canine and feline enrichment games and puzzles that are disseminated throughout the shelter by staff and regular program volunteers.

Physical Requirements: Commitment to a schedule, bending, lifting up to 20lbs, tolerance of noise and odor.


Feral Cat Trap Maintenance – 3pm - 6pm, Monday. 

This role includes daily cleaning and sterilization of feral cat traps. Using high pressure washers, detergents and sanitzation products, these traps need to be scrubbed, cleaned, dried and stored for the next days use.

Physical requirements: Commitment to a schedule, bending, lifting 25 lbs, tolerance of odors and heat (this position is outdoors)

Food Bank – 9:30am - 1:30 / 1:30 - 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday

This role includes rotation of food bank inventory, preparation of loose food items for feral cat groups, stocking donated items and light office work.

Physical requirements: Commitment to a schedule, bending, lifting 50lbs plus, customer service acumen and computer literacy.


Kennels or Cat Care – 8am - Noon,  Tuesday – Saturday

This role includes daily cleaning of kennels, cages, watering and feeding, preparing enrichment toys, taking out trash etc.

Physical requirements: Commitment to a schedule, bending, lifting 25lbs plus, tolerance of noise and odors


Get Started!

If you meet the criteria listed above, your first step is to attend a mandatory orientation. Attending an orientation and scheduling a follow up interview with the Volunteer Manager are prerequisits to becoming part of this program. No exceptions will be made regarding these prerequisits. 

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