Current Volunteer Information

Volunteer Peggy Adams
The following information is for volunteers who have attended an open house and an interview with the Volunteer Manager.

Questions about Volunteering?
Please contact the Volunteer Manager via e-mail or read more information about the program. 

Logging Hours

Current Volunteers who need to log hours, check hours or view schedule...
To log your hours, check your schedule, sign up for other roles or view your accumulated hours (the login is your email address and your password is your ID#) please click the below link.  You can also print your hours should you need them for school/work. If you have questions about how to log in or need your login information, please contact the Volunteer Manager

Our Latest Training Opportunities 

Feline Education Training 

STEP 1: Complete the Training

STEP 2: Take the Quiz

Canine Education Training

Follow these instructions to take the training: 

STEP 1: Complete the Training
STEP 2: Take the Quiz


What the Fomite Training

STEP 1: Watch the Video

STEP 2: Take the Quiz


Volunteer Handbook Acknowledgement 

In your follow up email you received a copy of the volunteer and employee handbook. All new volunteers must sign an acknowledgement that states they have viewed and understand the policies and procedures outlined.


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