Day Pass Volunteers

Volunteer Peggy Adams

On occasion, someone with a volunteer spirit will pass through town on vacation or on business. Sometimes these people offer to spend some of their valuable time volunteering. This program was designed to allow these special, out of towners, to volunteer at the League on a day by day basis. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Due COVID-19, currently we are not accepting Day Pass Volunteers. 

Criteria for becoming a Day Pass Volunteer
  • Those interested in the Day Pass program must email the Volunteer Manager at least three (3) days prior to their arrival on campus to schedule a brief meeting. We cannot accommodate 'walk in' volunteers.  
  • Day Pass Volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum 2 hour shift. 
  • Day Pass Volunteers will be required to show proof of ID.
  • Full time Palm Beach County residents are not eligible for the Day Pass Program and should register for the next Volunteer Open House


Day Pass Volunteer Roles

Day Pass Volunteers will be permitted to volunteer with Peggy's Pantry, with the Facilities department and in the Marketing department only. These roles are non animal facing. The League makes an investment in training our regular program volunteers to be among the animals. 

  • Peggy's Pantry is our food bank program that helps families with animals feed them and take of their animals, if they're not able to do so on their own. Day Pass Volunteers will assist with stocking shelves, inventory, community cat food prep and general cleaning of the Pantry. Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm. Requirements: ability to lift 25+ lbs., customer service skills and the ability to work independently.  
  • The Facilities Department maintains our 13.5 acres of property. This includes several bulidings. Day Pass Volunteers will assist the department with general cleaning, light construction and general maintenance work. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm. Requirements: ability to lift 25+ lbs., tolerance of heat, ability to walk unaided and to work independently. 
  • The Developement and Marketing Department is responsible for fundraising and events. Day Pass Volunteers will assist with envelope stuffing, envelope addressing (if they have nice penmanship), goodie bag preparation and other duties as assigned. ?Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.  Requirements: ability to lift 25+ lbs., ability to take instrucition and work independently

Request to be a Day Pass Volunteer

Day Pass Volunteers will be required to complete a guest application prior to their first shift. At this time volunteers will receive a 'day pass' badge that will allow them access to the campus. 

This badge MUST worn at all times and be returned to the Volunteer Manager at the conclusion of each day. 

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