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Everyone Needs a Guardian Angel!

If you are that someone who wants to "watch over" the canine and feline residents in a way that hovers above the rest, then please become one of our Guardian Angels.

A Guardian Angel funds the care for the cats or dogs in a sponsored condo or kennel for one year. Thus, during your year as a Guardian Angel, you'll be helping a number of pets as they await a permanent home.

Your status will be recognized with a card on your sponsored kennel naming you, your family, or your business/logo as that pet's Guardian Angel. You'll also receive a certificate and a special Angel Pin. Everyone who visits the shelter will be reminded of your generosity.

Give wings to your love for the dogs and cats at the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. Annual sponsorship of a small cat condo is $150; a large cat condo or a dog kennel is $250.

Want to consider becoming an Archangel? Our Archangels contribute $3,000, the full care for ten animals for a year. Archangels are recognized in our Shaggy Sheet newsletter. As a Guardian Angel and Archangel, you can give the shelter pets the same love you would give your own pets.

Become a Guardian Angel Today

Ready to get strated? Print out this form and email us, fax to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League at 866-480-8709, or mail it to: Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, 3100/3200 N. Miltary Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33409.

Please contact us at (561) 530-6066 for assistance or more information.

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