Peace of Mind Program

Peace of Mind Peggy Adams

Peace of Mind: a special program for you and your pet

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League developed the Peace of Mind Program after receiving inquiries from numerous pet owners, concerned about their pets’ futures, and after seeing many animals arrive at our shelter orphaned by the loss of their owners.  Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, a non-profit organization established in 1925, is one of the most respected shelters in the United States and will act in the best interests of your pet.

Peace of Mind . . . How the Program Works

First, whether you decide to use our Peace of Mind Program or not, follow the initial steps that are essential to planning for your pet’s future. 

The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Peace of Mind Program offers an option that provides for the long-term, permanent care of your pets when you are no longer able to care for them. 

It takes effect the moment the need arises.  Will provisions and letters of instruction can be delayed by the time required to administer an estate, and a pet trust requires the guardians you have named to be as able and willing to serve as they were when the trust was initially established.

With Peace of Mind, there is no delay.  Your pets are cared for at once.  To enroll in the Peace of Mind program, you need to have made a minimum provision of $25,000 for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in your will, a life insurance policy, a retirement account, or other planned gift vehicle that names the League as a beneficiary.  You’ll want to consult with your attorney and financial advisors to customize a charitable giving vehicle that fits your own specific situation.

When a pet is enrolled in the Peace of Mind Program:
  1. The pet will be accepted right away at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.  
  2. After being examined by the League’s veterinary team, your pet will receive specialized attention from our Animal Care team.
  3. The League will prioritize efforts to find a permanent home for your pet that is as similar as possible to its home with you.
  4. Your pet will be entitled to basic medical care and treatment as needed at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s Wellness Clinic.
  5. The League will be sure your pet’s microchip is current.
  6. The League will touch base with your pet’s new family annually to be sure all records, necessary licenses, and vaccines are up to date.  Your pet’s new family will be encouraged to provide current medical, health, and basic profile information each and every year.  These reports will be maintained by the League so they are readily available if ever needed.
  7. If something happens to your pet’s new family, the League will always take your pet back and honor the program to keep it in a loving home for the rest of its life.

If you would like to discuss the program further, please contact Allison Tardonia, Development Officer at 561-472-8849 or

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