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scout opportunities


Thank you for your interest in participating in Scout programs at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League! Our Humane Education Program offers a number of opportunities for Girl Scouts with the potential of earning badges while helping animals in need.  Our Animal Care team works in collaboration with Eagle Scouts to meet the Eagle Scout's Service Project requirement and improve the lives of the cats and dogs within the shelter. 

Read through our available opportunities or fill out a contact form to request specific programs.

We look forward to meeting with you!


Girl Scout Opportunities 

Let Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League help you earn a badge! Our Humane Education department offers programs for Brownies, Daisies, and more! We can customize programs for your troop as well.

Please note: Peggy Adam’s does not provide the badge, only opportunities to fulfill certain requirements.


Find a badge or program that interests you? Looking for a customized program? Fill out our contact form to get started with programming! 



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Eagle Scout Opportunities

Eagle Scouts can collaborate with our animal care team on a number of projects to meet the Eagle Scout's Service Project requirement and improve the lives of the cats and dogs within the shelter. We have a list of can-dos to choose from, or the Scout can request a "Tour-de-Peggy" to recognize what our needs are and suggest their own creative project ideas. Below is a list of projects the animal care team has expressed a need for:

  1.  Cat Enclosure
    • A cat enclosure provides feline safety and enrichment outdoors. We have a feral cat colony that lives in the wooded area towards the 12th street entrance of our shelter. They are feral, so they are accustomed to living outside in the rain and heat, but we would like to offer them a safe enclosure to break from the elements. 
      • View examples of this project here
  2. Cat Cube Hiding Space
    • Having a safe and quiet space to hide is important for cats in a shelter environment. Cat cubes offer safety and peace for our cats, and are easy for our staff to sanitize. 
      • View examples of this project here and here
  3. PVC Pipe Enrichment Feeders
    • PVC enrichment feeders can be used for dogs to keep their minds sharp and avoid boredom in the shelter. We use Wobble Kongs to feed at the shelter, but often dogs don't quite get the hang of it right away, so these PVC feeders help them figure it out before they move on to the more difficult feeders.
      • View an example of this project here
  4. "Tour-de-Peggy"
    • This is a choose your own adventure project. Our animal care team will take you on a tour of our facilities and the Scout can suggest ideas for projects based on what they feel could benefit our animals.

Found a project that interests you? Fill out our contact form and our animal care team will be in contact for project details!





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