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Service Enterprise Certification


Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is proud to be certified as a Service Enterprise through Points of Light and Al!ve. Points of Light and Al!ve Service Enterprise programs strengthen nonprofit capacity through the fundamental and strategic use of volunteers and their skills to address community needs.  

AL!VE%20SE%20-%20Certification%20Badges__Certified%202023_2026.pngA Service Enterprise is an organization that strategically leverages volunteers to achieve operational efficiency and greater social impact. Service Enterprises are among the top 11 percent of nonprofits in the country in volunteer management and organizational performance. Research conducted by TCC Group and Deloitte shows that nonprofits operating as a Service Enterprise are as effective as peers but at almost half the median budget, and they are significantly more adaptable, sustainable, and scalable.

In 2022, volunteers at Peggy Adams contributed over 34,051 hours of service totaling just over $971,823 in staff savings, therefore, allowing Peggy Adams to do more for the community.

Peggy Adams has completed an extensive assessment, including over 20 hours of training, consulting, extensive internal planning, and modifications to better integrate volunteers in their day-to-day operations. By achieving this level of excellence and certification, Peggy Adams continues to be better equipped to use the time and talent of volunteers to continue to meet our mission.


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