Volunteer Positions

volunteer positions

Adoptions Concierge People%20Icon.JPG
As an Adoptions Concierge, you will have the responsibility of helping to ensure every client that enters the League leaves with a positive experience. In this role you will be greeting clients as they enter our Pet Adoptions Center, answering any questions they may have & directing them where to go. In addition, this volunteer will work alongside the Adoptions team, educating potential adopters on the adoptions process and answering questions about specific animals. This role supports the Adoptions team in all capacities, including responding to emails, answering phones, preparing adoptions folders, building cardboard cat carriers, entering client information into the database in preparation for their adoption, and hand-writing thank you notes to recent adopters, as needed.

Animal Admissions Concierge Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPGPeople%20Icon.JPG
As an Admissions Animal Concierge, you will serve as a "comfort companion" for the animals entering the shelter. In this role, you will be paired with animals when they arrive to the shelter and will escort them through the intake process - from initial admission, through their medical exam, and to their kennel/cage upon completion. Volunteers who are comfortable doing so, may support the medical team by helping with restraining, drawing up vaccines and other needs. This role also helps the Admissions team by providing customer service, assisting with phone calls & emails, as well as other administrative tasks.

Animal Bio Writer Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG *NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*
As a Bio Writer, you will be responsible for meeting with the pets available for adoption and using information stored in our system regarding the animal’s history, notes (previous owner, behavior team, medical) and any other descriptions to write an adoption biography for potential adopters to read. Bios should describe the pet’s personality, activity level, likes and dislikes in a fun, positive and creative way to attract adopters.

Animal Care – Cats Cat%20Icon.JPG
As a Cat Care Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of assisting Animal Care staff with the daily care of our cats & kittens, such as spot cleaning kennels & cages, refreshing food & water bowls, sweeping floors so they are free of litter, hair & debris, and doing laundry, when needed.

Animal Care – Dogs Dog%20Icon.JPG
As a Dog Care Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of assisting Animal Care staff with the daily care of the dogs, such as cleaning kennels, walking & enriching dogs, washing dishes, doing laundry and grooming.

Animal Enrichment Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG
As an Enrichment Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of assisting the Animal Care team with preparing/distributing treats and toys to the cats and/or dogs in the shelter and collecting & cleaning toys.

Animal Medical Enrichment Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPGMedical%20Icon.JPG
As a Medical Enrichment Volunteer, you will be responsible for socializing and enriching the animals that are in our treatment room. These animals are typically being treated for ringworm, upper respiratory infections, and other diseases.

Animal Photographer & Videographer Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG *NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*
Responsible for taking photos and videos of pets that are available for adoption. A great photo/video is the best way to help our shelter pets find a loving home.

Associate Canine Trainers Dog%20Icon.JPG
As a volunteer dog trainer, you will be responsible for assisting our Behavior Manager with the dog training classes we offer to the public, assisting owners and their dogs safely into the training pavilion field and set up class in a safe, appropriately distanced formation. Ensure clients have the appropriate equipment (collars, leashes, treats, etc.). Rotate among clients and dogs, answer questions, help owners with desired behaviors. Assist with set up and breakdown of the class.

PAL stands for ‘Petting, Attention & Love’ and as a cat PAL you’ll be trained to help meet the emotional and social needs of the cats and kittens in our shelter by providing one-on-one interactions.

Clinic Administration People%20Icon.JPGMedical%20Icon.JPG
As a Clinic Administration Assistant, you will have the responsibility of calling clients to confirm their pet's surgery appointments and remind them of their drop-off time & basic pre-surgery instructions. This position will also assist with other administrative tasks, including data entry and microchip scanning, depending on the needs of the day.

Communication Center Agent People%20Icon.JPG
As a Communication Center Agent, you will offer a friendly voice as the first point of contact for Peggy Adam’s clients. The volunteer provides information & assistance to clients pertaining to all departments by answering phones

PAL stands for ‘Petting, Attention & Love’ and as a dog PAL you will be trained to help meet the emotional and social needs of the dogs in our shelter by providing one-on-one interactions.

Doggie Playtime (aka Play Groups) Dog%20Icon.JPG *NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*
As a Play Group volunteer, you will have the responsibility of assisting our Animal Care team with coordinating playtime with our dogs! Volunteers will run dogs from their kennels to the play yard, interact with them, and provide useful information on observed behaviors to the Animal Care team. Playgroups is one of the best evaluation tools we have to get to know our dogs and work towards making them more adoptable!

Donor Appreciation Caller People%20Icon.JPG
As an Appreciation Caller, you will have the responsibility of calling a list of donors, a diverse range of people, who have made recent monetary gifts, ranging from $100 to $499.99. This role requires enthusiasm about the League, the ability to express sincere appreciation, and a friendly phone demeanor. *You WILL NOT be asking for money.

Foster Program Support People%20Icon.JPG
As a Foster Support Assistant, you will have the responsibility of assisting foster parents when they pick up or return foster animals, as well as ensure foster parents have the supplies they need. This volunteer will prepare supply kits as needed, as well as answer calls and emails pertaining to the foster program and enter data into the database, as needed.

Greeter – Grace Pavilion People%20Icon.JPG
As a Greeter, you will be stationed in the Grace Pavilion Lobby and will be responsible for directing Wellness Clinic and Foster clients on where to go and answering questions.

Humane Education – Program/Event Assistant People%20Icon.JPG
As an Education Program Assistant, you will have the responsibility of assisting the Humane Education Manager with an array of programming for a variety of audiences. Potential programs included; school classes, family workshops, birthday parties, summer camps, and more, as they are developed. Duties include - set up/breakdown of teaching space, assisting with activities, and general program support.

Humane Education – Virtual Read Facilitator People%20Icon.JPGDog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG *NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*
As a Virtual Read Facilitator, you will have the responsibility of hosting the ZOOM meetings for the "We're All Ears"... Virtual Read to the Animals program. Children & sometimes adults read to shelter animals virtually via a ZOOM appointment for approximately 20 minutes. This role will set up the ZOOM space, launch the ZOOM meeting, monitor the animal's response during the read, ensure the animal is in the frame, and briefly speaking and getting feedback from the reader prior to ending the call.

Humane Education – Rescue Reader Program Assistant People%20Icon.JPGDog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG *NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*
As a Rescue Readers Program Assistant, you will have the responsibility of assisting the Humane Education Manager with facilitating "Rescue Readers": the in-person read to the animal’s program. This program provides the opportunity for visitors to read, in person, to cats and dogs at Peggy Adams.

Humane Education – Kid Zone Activity Host People%20Icon.JPG *NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*
As a Kid Zone Activity Host, you have the responsibility of assisting children with preset tabletop crafts & activities in our Feline Classroom. In addition to setting up and breaking down the space, you will also be responsible for sharing and explaining potential youth opportunities to visitors, including but not limited to education programs and service hours.  

Kitten Nursery Assistant Cat%20Icon.JPG *NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*
As a Nursery Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of providing care to neonatal and underage/weight, orphaned kittens until a foster family can be secured. These volunteers are responsible for bottle feeding, spot & deep cleaning, stocking supplies, cleaning dishes, doing laundry, and providing support to the Nursery staff, as needed. *Must be at least 18 years old*

Marketing – Social Media People%20Icon.JPG
As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, you will have the responsibility of producing sharable, informative content to be posted on Peggy Adam's website and social media platforms. This role entails all aspects of content creation, including taking photos/videos, editing media, writing supplementary text, and posting across digital platforms.

Medical – Post Surgical Assistant Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPGMedical%20Icon.JPG
Assists animals in the operating suite by working with the medical services team to monitor animals recovering from spay/neuter surgery and other medical procedures. Duties include monitoring anesthetized cats and dogs, sterilizing surgical instruments, preparing instrument packs, preparing syringes, cross-checking microchip information, feeding community cats, etc.

Offsite Adoptions – Pet Store Visitor People%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG
As an Offsite Pet Store Visitor Cat Care Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of maintaining the adoption area in a partner pet store by cleaning & disinfecting the habitat, stocking supplies, checking on felines, and reporting any illnesses, and showing animals to prospective adopters. *Must be at least 18 years old*

Offsite Adoptions – Dog Handler Dog%20Icon.JPGPeople%20Icon.JPG
As an Offsite Event Dog Handler, you will have the responsibility of assisting with dogs at offsite adoption events, throughout the year. This role is assigned a dog who will be your "companion" for the duration of the event, and it is your responsibility to provide general care for the dog.

Offsite Adoptions – Pet Store Transporter People%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG
As an Offsite Pet Store Transporter Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of transporting animals from Peggy Adams to the pet stores for adoptions, and back to Peggy Adams when showing signs of illness, vaccinations are due, or due to length of stay. In addition, this volunteer will bring adoption paperwork, as well as soiled bedding back to Peggy Adams. In this role, you will also be asked to clean & disinfect the cat condos as needed and understand the adoption process.

Peggy’s Pantry Assistant People%20Icon.JPG
As a Peggy's Pantry Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of providing customer service to Pantry clients, maintaining and sorting inventory, and inputting client's information in our database. The goal of this program is to lower intake into the shelter and keep pets in their homes.

TNVR Assistant People%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG
As a TNVR (Trap.Neuter.Vaccine.Release) Assistant, you will have the responsibility of helping staff check-in volunteers who bring community cats to the League for surgery. This role helps with keeping the volunteers in order, lines up cat cages, provide volunteers with appropriate paperwork, and answers questions, as needed.

Wellness Clinic Assistant People%20Icon.JPG
As a Wellness Clinic Assistant, you will have the responsibility of assisting staff with collecting information and payments from clinic clients. Volunteers will also assist staff with making confirmation phone calls, scanning/sorting documents, and other clerical work. Volunteers must provide exceptional phone etiquette and customer service by listening and providing the appropriate information to the clients to ensure a positive experience.

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