Volunteer Positions

volunteer positions

Admissions – Data Entry & Community Support Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPGPeople%20Icon.JPG
As an Admissions Volunteer, you will assist with the intake process of animals accepted to the shelter and with our TNVR check-in process. Other tasks include data entry, community support, answering phone calls, responding to voicemails, replying to emails, and so much more! 

Spay/Neuter and Clinic Front Desk Assistant Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPGPeople%20Icon.JPG
This volunteer is responsible for assisting the Pet Resources team with helping owners complete medical paperwork prior to surgery, redirecting medical questions or concerns to surgery staff and ensuring paperwork is completed correctly. This Volunteer is also responsible for helping clients understand the services that we offer, including spay/neuter, preventions, and vaccines. This person will work as a key component to helping clients get their pets registered and admitted for surgery and/or helping staff discharge animals after surgery.  Shifts available AM and PM Tue-Thu-Fri.

Adoptions Customer Service Assistant People%20Icon.JPG
Adoptions customer Service Assistant is the first person a guest will encounter when entering the Adoptions Center. This volunteer will be able to answer basic questions and inquiries, direct clients to the proper department and be able to manage a busy lobby. At times they will retrieve messages from the answering machine for the Adoptions Team. 

Animal Care – Cats Cat%20Icon.JPG
As a Cat Care Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of assisting Animal Care staff with the daily care of our cats & kittens, such as spot cleaning kennels & cages, refreshing food & water bowls, sweeping floors so they are free of litter, hair & debris, and doing laundry, when needed. 

Animal Care – Dogs Dog%20Icon.JPG
As a Dog Care Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of assisting Animal Care staff with the daily care of the dogs, such as cleaning kennels, walking & enriching dogs, washing dishes, doing laundry, and grooming. *Must be at least 18 years old*

Tender Loving Care (TLC)- Cats Cat%20Icon.JPG
Do you consider yourself a cat whisperer? Do you have plenty of experience calming "spicy" cats? As a TLC volunteer, you will be assisting our TLC Coordinator with handling and socializing “spicy” kittens & cats that are having behavioral issues.  You will be documenting thoroughly experience with selected kittens/cats to help staff and future adopters assist in care for them. *Must be at least 18 years old*

Foster Program Support People%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG
As a Foster Support Assistant, you will have the responsibility of assisting foster parents when they pick up or return foster animals, as well as ensuring foster parents have the supplies they need. This volunteer will prepare supply kits as needed, as well as answer calls and emails pertaining to the foster program, and enter data into the database, as needed. 

Pet Resource Center Greeter People%20Icon.JPG

As a Greeter, this volunteer will be the first person a guest will encounter when entering the pavilion.  The Lobby Greeter will be able to answer basic questions and inquiries, direct clients to the proper department and be able to manage the busy lobby.

 Custodial Assistant People%20Icon.JPG

Volunteers will work with the maintenance department to help with general cleaning, floors, windows, empty trash cans in and outside of the facility and be available for other duties as the arise. Utilizes approved tools and methods to facilitate a healthy level of cleanliness throughout the shelter property.

Medical – Sterilization Assistant Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPGMedical%20Icon.JPG
The Sterilization Assistant is responsible for cleaning and sterilizing instruments correctly, confirming the integrity of the instruments, restocking, and organizing sterilized instruments in the Operating Room for use. Available Monday- Friday. 

Medical – Post- Surgical AssistantDog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPGMedical%20Icon.JPG
The Post- Surgical Assistant is responsible for assisting animals in the operating suite by working with the surgical technicians monitoring animals that are recovering from spay/neuter surgery and other medical procedures. Duties include monitoring anesthetized cats and dogs, sterilizing instruments, preparing vaccines and /or syringes, cross-checking microchip information, feeding community cats after surgery, etc. Must be at least 18 years old, Available Monday- Friday. 

Medical Services Assistant Dog%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPGMedical%20Icon.JPG

Assisting the medical team to assess the health of the animals at the shelter. Help keep the area clean and sanitized, learn about cat and dog wellness, vaccinations, and tests, and help transport animals to the foster or adoption areas. These volunteers will help with additional tasks as needed. 

Offsite Adoptions – Pet Store Visitor (Cats) People%20Icon.JPGCat%20Icon.JPG
As an Offsite Pet Store Visitor Cat Care Volunteer, you will have the responsibility of maintaining the adoption area in a partner pet store by cleaning & disinfecting the habitat, stocking supplies, checking on felines and reporting any illnesses, and showing animals to prospective adopters. 

Donations Assistant People%20Icon.JPG

The goal of this program is to assist other departments by going through donated items and pulling, sorting, storing and distributing those that are needed, re-bagging food and stocking up the pantry. You will be helping out team keep our donations organized and assisting with Peggy's Pantry duties when needed


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