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Cherish a Lasting Memory

Losing your pet is a heartbreaking experience. Choosing a final resting place for your beloved friend is a very personal, and sometimes difficult, decision.

The Berman Memorial Pet Gardens, located at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, provides a beautiful and serene setting for your cherished companion’s final resting place. The Gardens are composed of the Pet Columbarium and the Memorial Brick Walkway.

Remembering the years of love we share with our pets, we treasure the memories long after they have gone. We never forget a lifetime of friendship and devotion reciprocated.

Because Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League understands the deep bond between people and their companion animals, we are grateful to be of service to you and your pet during this difficult time.

Berman Memorial Pet Gardens

Dr. Richard D. Berman was a world-class animal advocate, chiropractor, and holistic healer. Throughout his career, Richard graciously treated his patients with natural healing, sound nutrition and tender loving care. As a vegetarian and outspoken animal-welfare activist, Richard loved animals from the time he was a little boy.

“Logan” was Richard’s first love, a small black female terrier rescued from an animal shelter when Richard was in chiropractic school. They were inseparable in life, and when Logan died at age 11, her ashes were buried along with Richard’s so that they could be together in eternity.

“As members of Richard’s family, it is Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Berman’s hope that your thoughtful and unique gift will help save the lives of homeless animals, while also providing an everlasting tribute to your beloved pet.” -Words from Dr. Sidney Berman

Memorial Brick Walkway - Berman Gardens

To memorialize your pet, you may wish to leave a lasting message with a commemorative brick on our Memorial Walkway in the Berman Memorial Pet Gardens. Bricks may also honor your human loved ones, as well.

Your message will be engraved on a 4” x 8” red brick with three lines of text, up to 15-17 characters per line. Brick orders take 2-3 weeks for processing. The cost is $250.


Other Naming Opportunities

A Corian plaque on a Columbarium niche or an engraved item within the Berman Memorial Pet Gardens can offer a beautiful tribute for your special loved one. 

Personalized Meditation Garden Stone


Personalized Meditation Garden Stone


Tree within the Gardens


Tree within the Gardens


Bench within the Gardens


Bench within the Gardens


Pet Columbarium

After a lifetime of love and devotion, many owners find that providing a beautiful resting place for their pet is a great comfort. You may wish to consider our Pet Columbarium to house your beloved pet’s remains so that they are treated with the same care and respect that you gave your pet during its life.

A Columbarium is a memorial structure that holds niches for urns containing pet cremains.  After you select a niche for your pet, a sealed, weatherproof urn will be provided. Your pet will then be placed in the niche you’ve selected and capped with a Corian plaque that contains your personal memorial message for your pet. The niches in our Columbarium measure 4.5 inches high, 5.5 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep.

After you have decided to purchase a space in the Columbarium, we’ll make arrangements with you to select the niche and schedule your pet’s interment. Many families choose to hold a small memorial service in the Berman Gardens while the interment takes place. You may purchase multiple adjoining vaults to accommodate your entire pet family so they may all continue to be together in eternity. We are here to accommodate your needs during this difficult time.

If you would like to be present during your pet’s interment, please schedule a time with us Monday through Friday. After the interment, you may visit your pet’s resting place in the Berman Memorial Pet Gardens between 8:00am and 6:00pm, seven days a week.


Columbarium Package, Including End of Life Services

  • $250.00
  • Includes humane pet euthanasia, cremation, urn, Columbarium vault and personalized Corian plaque.


Columbarium Vault with Urn and Plaque

  • $175.00
  • Includes Columbarium vault, personalized Corian plaque and cremation urn.


Columbarium Vault with Plaque

  • $100
  • Includes Columbarium vault and urn. Families are responsible for providing plaques.

End of Life and Cremation Services

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For naming opportunities in the Berman Memorial Pet Gardens, please email us or contact our Development staff at (561) 530-6066.


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