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Sassy made herself right at home from day one, as you can see from the photo. She's growing like a weed. She's very smart, and a "chow hound", which makes her easy to train. She's learning to come when called, play fetch, walk on a leash, and how to use the toilet instead of a litter box. She has brought so much joy to this house! We love her dearly.
Date Submitted: 10/09/2017


We brought home our little Buddy today. He's a perfect fit to our family. Thank you!!!
Date Submitted: 10/07/2017


Shadow found her furever home here with me.She was beat up pretty bad and skiddish. Now she’s super outgoing, has a lot of friends, and she is super happy and healthy.
Date Submitted: 10/07/2017
Coco Chanel

"Coco Chanel "

Coco is a feisty little girl, with tremendous personality. I got her as a companion for my dog, seeing as kittens can be more easily molded to like a dog, and she seemed afraid for a second, then was running the house. Bonus, she gets my 9 year old cat to run and play and exercise like he hasn't in years.
Date Submitted: 10/04/2017


My family had one cat. A black female named Stella. My 4 year old was really into her - but she didn't like kids very much. We decided to add another cat into our home, so our son could have his own pet. That's how we got Cliff. As soon as we got to Peggy Adams, Cliff stood out. He was very cute, very loving and seemed like he would be the perfect fit. We brought him home and he has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is playful, full of energy, very loving, and always wants to cuddle. Our son can't get enough of having a "little brother" and they play together constantly. Our other cat has also warmed up to him, and they are best friends now. He was the perfect cat to add to our family, and we couldn't be any happier with him.
Date Submitted: 10/03/2017


Cassidy ( new name Jinks) is doing great. She is so sweet and polite she makes a great addition to our family. Thanks!
Date Submitted: 09/28/2017


We lost our 17 year-old kitty to kidney failure in March. My 11 year old son was very attached to him. He climbed the ladder to sleep in his bunk bed each night, and they were just very bonded. We encouraged him to wait a month before looking for a new companion, but we quickly realized that it was not going to happen anywhere near that quickly. He knew he wanted to adopt an adult or senior cat. We went to around a dozen animal shelters searching for a cat he felt a connection with. We went as far north as Port St. Lucie and as far south as Marathon in the Florida Keys (yes, really). We met lots of sweet kitties, but none who gave him that instant connection he was looking for. Just when we thought we might have to take a break from the ups and downs of visiting animal shelters, we stopped into PetSmart on a whim and met Marshmallow. He was exactly what we were looking for - a few years old, sweet, and healthy (health problems were a deterrent for us after the traumatic experience of seeing our kitty get so sick). He clearly had been someone's pet before, but he was found on the streets and his owners never came to claim him even after they were called. They really missed out, but we gained a wonderful new family member. When we brought Marshmallow home, he was scrawny and missing a lot of hair. He was extremely shy and was terrified of my husband. Three months later, he is vocal and playful. He climbs the ladder every night and shares the top bunk with my son. He has grown back all his hair (his flea allergy is being kept in check with the proper medication) and he has gained a few pounds. He looks and feels fantastic. We even got him a new little sister this week named Mabel. He is a wonderful addition to our family, and we just can't even imagine how anyone could turn their back on him. He's spoiled with toys, a three-story cat tree, and all the belly scratches he could ever want. Thank you, Peggy Adams, for everything you do.
Date Submitted: 09/28/2017


Cleo came to us three months ago when I happened to go into the supermarket one day after one of my dogs passed away. I saw this beautiful sweet black cat sitting there, and I was told her sad story that someone had surrendered her because they got a puppy - " SAD"....after having her for 10 years. Well she is doing fabulous. She sleeps with me every night in bed. She is the sweetest and the kindest little girl I have ever met, and she is doing fabulous. She sleeps with me every night in bed and she also is a water maniac! She loves throwing her water all over the place LOL. We love Cleo and so lucky to have found her.
Date Submitted: 09/27/2017


Lexi is loved and gets a lot of attention from everyone. It was a great experience being able to save a life from Peggy Adams - very professional and polite staff there.Her favorite place to lay is under the table.
Date Submitted: 09/27/2017


I adopted 'Tobey,' now known as Augie, 3 months ago. He is a beautiful dog that just needed a chance in a new loving home. Augie and I have adjusted very well to each other (quickly) and at this point, I couldn't imagine a day without him. He is a loving and adorable little dog that I automatically fell in love with, on the spot. With the amount of loving, beautiful dogs and cats out there, I can't imagine anyone not giving a dog or a cat a chance from a shelter. Thank you, Peggy Adams, for putting me and my best friend together!
Date Submitted: 09/27/2017

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