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Olivia Bell

"Olivia Bell"

Olivia (Bell, her foster name) was a valentine kitten for our family. She came to us from an incredible Peggy Adams foster family. Let me tell you this tiny kitten is as sweet as they come! She has brought us so many laughs and so much joy. She is not shy and loves kids. Olivia loves being held like a baby on her back, belly up. She loves big kisses and playing with our 1.5 year old Corgi. Thank you so much, Peggy Adams and her foster family!
Date Submitted: 06/09/2017


I adopted Dodge, now known as Grayson, 3 months ago. He has brought so much joy into my life in such s short amount of time! I recently moved to Illinois with him, and seeing him run around on the acre of land I have and chase squirrels is so exciting! He has an older brother named Cooper, and they get along SO well! He's so playful and adventurous, and he loves every person and every dog he meets! When I saw Grayson in the kennel at Peggy Adams, he looked so sad and lonely, and when he looked at me with those big eyes, I just knew he was the dog for me. Now, he's constantly running around and smiling. You can truly tell how happy he is. Thank you to all the staff at Peggy Adams who took care of my little guy until I found him. We will forever be grateful to you all!
Date Submitted: 06/03/2017


My daughter has been begging for a long time for a puppy, and she finally got her wish. We had been looking for a few weeks, when we were told about 3 little 7 week old pups that were still nursing on their momma. We got a phone call a week later that our girl was ready to come home. She has such an amazing personality and absolutely loves her furry brothers. She was the perfect fit for our family.
Date Submitted: 05/09/2017


Sally, now named Clementine (Clemmy), is everything my heart was missing. I adopted Clemmy to keep my dog, Oakley, company to help with his separation anxiety while I'm gone to school everyday. I was told she would not be the "cuddly" or "social" type, but my heart told me she was exactly what I was looking for. She loves her big brother Oakley, snuggle time, and knocking over flower vases. She plays with anything that moves and has never shown aggression to anything or anyone. She "fights crime" in my living room during the night in between snuggle sessions. She also is prompt in waking me up with at 6:30 am by licking my face with her sand paper tongue. If I don't give her attention as soon as I get home, she wraps her arms around my leg and meows. When she wants to be held, she lifts her arms above her held as if saying "hold me." She loves anything with water- my fish tank, the sink, and even morning showers with me. I never thought my heart was big enough for two pets. I've never been happier to be proven wrong. Since I brought her home, my dog's separation anxiety has completely vanished. He and I are so much happier with her in our home. The purrrrfect little family. Thank you Peggy Adams Animal Shelter for blessing me with this little nut.
Date Submitted: 04/28/2017
Zelig Avraham

"Zelig Avraham "

On December 21, 2017, I was going to Walmart to buy my husband a shirt. Instead, I ended up in Peggy Adams' parking lot! I had been doing a lot of strange things since our dachshund boy, Madison, tragically passed on October 30, 2017. He had been the joy of our lives, for almost 15 years. I walked thru the shelter, frightened by the MANY huge, barking dogs. Finally, I came to the last aisle and there was a small, spotted dog quietly staring at me. He kept tilting his head, as if asking, "What took you so long?" I asked the volunteer if he knew anything about this dog. He told me that all he knew was what was written on the crate door; this 2-year old pup had just arrived to the kennel! I asked to take him for a walk. As soon as he scurried out of his confines, he jumped up on my knee. When I bent forward, this little lover-boy started kissing my entire face (the pup, not the volunteer). We walked out the door, and he stepped into my heart. I felt as if Madison had sent this dog to rescue me; a great sadness lifted off of my shoulders, as I watched this cute dog hop in the grass surrounding the parking lot. I called my husband to see if he would approve of this adoption. He later told me that the joy in my voice made him immediately decide, "Yes!" A Rat Terrier is nothing like a dachshund. During the past 4-months, we have discovered how mischievous a long-legged dog can be. Zelig has literally jumped into our hearts, bed, counter-tops, sofa, etc. and, we are enjoying every minute. Not sure if we can say the same for his 8-year old sister, Channah Esther (meow!). However, there has been much improvement in their relationship, and we know the bond, with time, will continue to grow stronger. We are overjoyed to have this handsome devil in our lives; we have all been rescued!
Date Submitted: 04/28/2017
Chucky (was Scooter)

"Chucky (was Scooter)"

Chucky loves his new house. He has an acre to run around and chase chickens. His new best friend is Colt who is 115 lbs and Chucky weights 7 lbs!
Date Submitted: 03/22/2017
Pippa  (formally known as Electra)

"Pippa (formally known as Electra)"

I cannot imagine life without Pippa. She is simply the best. She has the bark of a police dog, but cuddles like a professional lap dog. I went away for three days, and Pippa stayed with my friends and their dog and had a great time. When I came home I received a welcome from Pippa like I have never had before. An adopted dog is more special and more loving- it is just different. My previous dogs loved me, but this is something even more special. Pippa picked me, and I am honored to be her human. LOVE her to the moon and back !
Date Submitted: 03/13/2017


We renamed him Nebraska. We could never dreamed about a better cat than Nebraska. I wasn't sure about adopting another cat after my beloved cat pasted away 1 1/2 years ago (killed by a bobcat). I was looking for an exceptional and lovely cat like my 2 others. We had gone to Peggy Adams a few times before falling for Nebraska. When I saw him, a part of me knew that he was the one, but part of me was still wondering. He was a little crazy at the beginning, jumping on our legs, but it's normal for a kitten. Today I can say he's the perfect cat, and he has the same behavior as my others. He is answering to his name, sleeping with me, following me everywhere (he doesn't want to be alone). He does not meow at all, plays gently, and does not jump on tables or countertops. When I go outside, he follows me like a dog and plays with leaves or branches. He is just my dream cat - lovely, playful, sweet, cute! Thank you so much.
Date Submitted: 03/11/2017
Brooki (Kammi in shelter)

"Brooki (Kammi in shelter)"

Brooklyn, Brooki for short, came into my life three months ago. I adopted her seven months after we put down Reesie (Named Wheezi at Peggy Adams). I didn't think I would ever be able to love another animal with the same intensity. When I inquired about Brooki a few months prior, I was a bit apprehensive because I had learned she had severe separation anxiety when left alone. After much thought, I decided since we work out of the house, it would be an ideal situation to get Brooki accustomed to living here and then gradually leave her by herself. She has done extremely well and never really exhibited any anxiety. She is not left alone for long periods of time, but on the occasion that she is home for a few hours, she does really well. I would encourage anyone who is looking for that "special" animal to really find out about the them and make sure that you and the animal are a good fit. It is so sad when hearing about shelter animals who have been adopted, then brought back because "it wasn't a good or convenient fit". Brooki has helped me heal tremendously. The bond was immediate. She is an amazing dog who is very loving, gentle, full of life, and very willing to love everyone who lets her into their life. She has been an incredible asset to our family. I love her with all my hear and soul.
Date Submitted: 02/25/2017


Three months ago, my boyfriend and I went to Peggy Adams in hopes of finding an amazing fur child. We were immediately drawn to Thor. When we asked someone about him, it didn't seem like he would really be too good of a fit for our home because he was a high jumper, very hyper, and needed a large space to run. Hesitant, we still asked to see him outside of a cage. As soon as we got outside with Thor, we knew there was no way we were leaving without him. While filling out the paperwork to adopt Thor, we were told "he was a stray and we have never seen him around a child, we don't know how he will be with them". Having a 3 year old niece, this was very concerning. As soon as we got home, my niece came to meet Thor. We slowly let him approach her. He walked right over and gave her a big, wet kiss, and she gave him a big hug. They've been buddies ever since. Thor is thriving in our home, he loves running up and down the stairs, walking around the neighborhood, and meeting all of the people and wanting nothing more than to play with the many other dogs. Thor's favorite past time is cuddling. He is a 70 pound lap dog who always wants to lay on top of you and snuggle. We are so grateful for Peggy Adams for providing us with the most amazing dog we could imagine. Our lives have truly changed for the better with our incredible fur child, I couldn't imagine coming home and not being greeted by this big, lovable boy who just wants to drown us with his kisses.
Date Submitted: 02/24/2017

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