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Happy Tails Adoption Stories


"Oliver "

Oliver was definitely the runt of the litter. He was 2 lbs at 4 months. He is finally a little spunky and loves running around the house! He tends to gobble his food too fast and it comes up all over the house. Still working on feeding him tiny portions frequently. He is so sweet, funny, and lovable! He also bonded with my dad which is great.
Date Submitted: 02/12/2018


We decided to adopt Mike because we knew he had been in a foster home and was back at Peggy Adams, and he was so friendly when we first met. He has lived up to that in every way. He is so loving and loves to sleep with us cradled in our arms and he is very playful. He has brought so much joy to our home, and we could not imagine life without him!
Date Submitted: 02/10/2018


It has been 3 months since I adopted Josie from Peggy Adams. She has been quite the delightful edition to my life. I live with my roommate whom has a cat and they have become the best of friends. Josie is healthy and has a great personality. I am forever grateful to have adopted Josie and am looking forward to many many years together. Thank you!
Date Submitted: 02/10/2018


Never having a kitten, it has been an enlightening experience. We now call her Scampi for short. She does just that - scampers everywhere. When she falls asleep on my chest and purrs, she reminds me, God is in everything, every person, every creature. I just adore her. Thank you Peggy Adams!
Date Submitted: 02/08/2018
Her new name is Honey Love

"Her new name is Honey Love"

I am so happy I adopted Honey Love; she is the love of my life. She is so affectionate and loves love. She has a very happy and playful personality. I have two other cats and they love her too. They all stay together. She loves to sleep in bed with me, and she never stops kissing me or licking. I also completed taking her for her three sets of shots. I am delighted and love her so much. I hope her brothers and sisters that were there went to good and loving families. Thank you, I love her so much
Date Submitted: 02/08/2018


It was love at first sight. She has totally made my house her home. She loves to play and sleeps on my bed right next to me.
Date Submitted: 02/07/2018


We are very happy to have our loving and sweet Ivy in our lives. Ivy has settled in very well and turned into the most wonderful loving cat. When she isn’t curled up on our bed with us, she loves to play around the house. Every toy is a reason to go wondering and discovering new games. She has the cutest purr and loves to receive people in our house and to be the center of attention. We really got the sweetest cat ever and we don’t regret the decision of having her in our lives. We love the work of Peggy Adams and we are grateful for all the people that give chances of great new lives to many furry friends.
Date Submitted: 02/05/2018


I'm so happy!
Date Submitted: 02/04/2018
Sofie (formerly Charley)

"Sofie (formerly Charley)"

We are coming up on the anniversary of having her with us. We would like to let you guys know what an angel our sweet pup has been. She loves her walkies and stuffed squirrel, loves to cuddle, and give sugar. We have worked so hard with her and she has blossomed into an amazing dog who brings so much joy to our lives. She is energetic, sweet, stubborn and affectionate. Thank you guys so much for allowing us to give her a home. We can’t wait to come back and get her a friend.
Date Submitted: 01/30/2018


I adopted Max, formerly “Chip”, a few months ago. He has become the companion for another cat I have and the two are like two peas in a pod! They keep one another company, wrestle, snuggle, and LOVE to play! Couldn’t have wished for two better cats!
Date Submitted: 01/29/2018

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