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Happy Tails Adoption Stories

Benny and Joon

"Benny and Joon"

We adopted Benny and Joon together in mid-October 2017. They are litter-mates, probably siblings—a male and a female. At first we thought the female was part Siamese, as she is white, but she had a long, striped raccoon-style, very non-Siamese tail, and someone told us both cats had Bengal markings. So we looked them up online and, sure enough, found lots of information about the Bengal breed. So although they were strays brought in from Hurricane Irma. Joon resembles a snow Bengal. Benny’s coat is dark and light brownish grey in a marble pattern. They were beautiful kittens, and are growing into truly beautiful cats. They both love to be handled, petted, and brushed. They are active, playful, entertaining, lovable, self-sufficient, curious, and adventurous. When they are separated for a while, one will call out to the other and always gets a quick response, so they reconnect in short order. They look out for each other and also ask for attention from us periodically—but not in a pestering way. We didn’t realize how quiet (dull?) our household had become until they moved in. They add a great deal of fun and entertainment to our lives. We could not be happier to have them. Thank you, Peggy Adams!
Date Submitted: 01/16/2018


I adopted Molly from Peggy Adams during the Countdown to Zero event held at the convention center. Was looking for a kitty to bring some companionship to my life, and I couldn’t have a sweeter, happier, more lovable friend than my Molly. She brings not only me, but my family so much happiness and love. Molly is my fur baby!!
Date Submitted: 01/12/2018
Malibu Izzy

"Malibu Izzy"

This boy has brought such joy to my life. He's well trained made a lot of friends and he's great in the car. I love him so much.
Date Submitted: 01/11/2018


My spouse and I walked in to Peggy Adams and stopped by Nalah’s cage. She was only 11 weeks old, and we immediately fell in love with her. She is our first rescue pet, and we couldn’t be happier!
Date Submitted: 01/11/2018


We adopted Peanut about 2 months ago. He is a wonderful addition to our family. I never knew how much joy he would bring to our home. He is so energetic and happy all the time and gives us plenty of laughs and fun times. We can not imagine our life without him. We just love him so much.
Date Submitted: 01/10/2018


Luna is a perfect fit for our family. I think she wants to keep us!
Date Submitted: 01/09/2018


I’ve had Jack for 3 months now, and he is literally the sweetest little baby. Always cuddling, and such a happy little guy. I’m so happy he chose me to be his mommy.
Date Submitted: 01/09/2018


Mother and I came to Peggy adams to adopt (helping the world and creating a more exciting home environment for my mom). Mother picked out Bianca and was very happy with her and her relationship with our maltese and adult male cat. I took many videos of them playing together. It made her day to watch the 3 play together.
Date Submitted: 01/09/2018
Trufa...changed to Juno

"Trufa...changed to Juno"

My son and I went to Peggy Adams looking for a little dog to adopt, and in walked Trufa. He's such a great addition to our family and fits right in with my other two rescue dogs. We couldn't be happier!!
Date Submitted: 01/07/2018
Jackson and Cookie

"Jackson and Cookie"

Best adopted kitties ever!
Date Submitted: 01/04/2018

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