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I adopted Smokey (Mittens) 3 months ago. He has changed our lives for the best. He is a wonderful, well trained, well behaved cat. We Love him dearly!! I am very happy that Smokey chose us to be his family!! After all, you can't choose the cat, you must allow the cat to choose you!!! Thank you, Peggy Adams, for allowing us to adopt Smokey
Date Submitted: 01/04/2018


A day after saying goodbye to my 19 yr old, we visited Peggy Adams. As I was on the hunt for the perfect fit for our family, Jynx picked my husband and 3yr old son to be her new family, following them relentlessly around the cat enclosure. She came home and within 2 days was nose to nose with our year old black lab (rescued from BDRR), even sharing her dog bed. Jynx claimed me as her mom, and won't sleep anywhere but between my legs! She is the most loving, playful, and smart cat, and I am grateful that she chose us!
Date Submitted: 01/04/2018


We are a kidless couple who rescue senior cats. We lost our Cheech in July to cancer. He was a special cat. By chance, I signed up for a mainecoon mix alert. Never got a match so we decided on a adult male from another local rescue. We were on our way to a meet-and-greet when a alert came for Digby (Tigger originally). So we went to Peggy Adams, but he wasn't there. They had 2 Tiggers, so they sent us to the Cityplace location, and there he was!! Two seconds, we knew he was ours. The volunteers are amazing. Best to adopt never shop. They are the best pet family fur babies.
Date Submitted: 01/01/2018


Our dog needed a sibling. Its been an interesting road, and we are learning new things everyday. But we are a home with love.
Date Submitted: 12/30/2017


Tony has been with me since he was 10 ounces. I knew from the beginning I would adopt this little man. He is so caring, friendly, affectionate, and just so dog-gone cute. He takes a bath with me every morning. I am so thankful to have Tony in my life. He has truly blessed me and is a great big brother to the foster babies. He comes up and gives great kisses and plays so nice with everyone. I’m lucky Tony chose me to be his momma.
Date Submitted: 12/29/2017
Princess Nala

"Princess Nala"

We adopted Nala and wasn’t able to bring her home until months later. She is now apart of the pack. She is our sweet baby girl, amongst her 3 adopted brothers (dogs).She is healthy and happy and spends her days on the porch sleeping or chasing one of her brothers around the house. She gives kisses and loves to cuddle. We are blessed to have her.
Date Submitted: 12/17/2017


Only a few weeks in and already settling in like she has been part of the family her entire life. She is still a bit scared of the outside world but had a blast at her first visit to the dog park.
Date Submitted: 12/17/2017


About 5 years ago, I stopped by the shelter really just to look around. It had been more than two years since my last cat had passed. As soon as I saw these 2 little ones, I knew I was ready to love pets again. Well they became and are still my best friends! They are very close. Always grooming one another. They MAKE MY LIFE BETTER! Thank you, PEGGY ADAMS!
Date Submitted: 12/16/2017
Rosie (Was known as Elsa)

"Rosie (Was known as Elsa)"

Last December, I lost one of the greatest friends, my 14 year old pup named Papito. His sister (kitty) and I were heartbroken. We came down to Peggy Adams just before Christmas last year and met this wonderful pup by the name of Elsa. She is part pit bull. My mom has always been terrified, but I have not met a fuzzy I did not like.She had me with her first bark. My mom loves her too. She has filled a great void in our lives and we are sooooo happy she has become part of the family. We are now looking for another wonderful pup to add to our crazy furry family. Thank you Peggy Adams from the very bottom of our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sandi and Fanci cat
Date Submitted: 12/14/2017


I adopted kandy about 4 years ago from Peggy Adams, and it has been amazing having her in my life. When we first got her, her name was Channing and she was 3 months old. My family and I changed her name to Kandy because I liked the name and it fits her pretty well. She was a gift to me and I picked her out myself. We pamper her a lot and she has a bit of an attitude, but she’s funny and fun to be around. I love her so much and I can’t see myself not ever having her in my life. She adores attention and is very protective over me and my family. Whenever we leave for vacation, she gets a little sad, but when we return she is full of joy to see us. She’s really clingy to my dad as well. They have a really good relationship. Sometimes people are scared of her cause she gets super excited to see guests, but she mellows out after a little. She loves running freely in my backyard and she loves mangoes. Whenever I’m sad, she’s what makes me smile, because her smile brightens my day. Getting Kandy was one of the best decisions my family has made, because she truly does complete my family.
Date Submitted: 12/13/2017

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