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Little Josey loves to play with her brother and sister and loves to cuddle. She fits in perfectly here.
Date Submitted: 11/22/2017


Jax is doing wonderfully! He's so loveable even though he attacks our feet at night - haha! We love him so much!
Date Submitted: 11/10/2017


We adopted our beautiful boy Artemis 3 months ago. We knew he had some neurological problems right away. I had to take him home and love him forever. He is clumsy and silly!! But, he loves his new home with his own cat jungle gym, scratching post, toys, and his 2 dog friends. Thank you for rescuing him and giving him a chance to live a great cat life. He has also given my son a best friend. My son has made major improvements at school and at home since Artemis came home with us. He gave my son a renewed lease on life, and we plan to do the same for him! We love your shelter and our new family member!
Date Submitted: 11/09/2017


Dixie is doing great! She loves all her toys and destroying them. She's in love with her bed, and she doesn't want you to wake her up when she's in it at all.
Date Submitted: 11/08/2017


Chachi is very happy and playful. He fits in well and is enjoying the company of his brother Jesse. We love Chachi and are glad he’s a part of our family.
Date Submitted: 11/03/2017
Milo & Sarah

"Milo & Sarah"

I was always a 'dog' person, but my husband loves cats. When his beloved Sylvester passed, we waited a year and then began talking about adoption. I wanted to wait a bit longer but for some reason - one day on my own - I went into Pet Supermarket. There was little Sarah. So cute! I noticed she was laying on top of a black kitten but I didn't give it too much thought other than one day maybe we'll adopt a kitty like Sarah. I went home and told the hubs - of course he wanted to go see them. This time Milo (the black kitten) was up and about. Of course, we took them both home and they have been fast friends ever since. Oh - and now I'm a cat person - so in love with these guys!
Date Submitted: 10/30/2017

"Whiskey "

Thirteen years ago I adopted a cat who I saw online from Peggy Adams. His face made my heart jump from the screen as I was browsing. That same day we went to the shelter and there I saw many animals and quickly forgot about "braveheart" is what he was named. All the way at the end of the cage of kittens I walked and he swatted me with his little paw. It was love at first sight. I can't say that he was any angel but he was my gentle giant after all those years. He talked, he saved my life and would let me know if someone rang the bell if I went to work. He was a good cat. This past January I had to put him down. He had come to the end of the road but was amazing. He was kind, gentle and welcomed anyone who joined our family. He and my other cat were my book ends while pregnant and never left my side. Slept between my legs in the winter and spread out in the summer. Peggy Adams has many love stories of animals and their owners, but this one is my love story and heartbreak. I loved my little gentle giant.
Date Submitted: 10/23/2017
Chloe & Zoe

"Chloe & Zoe"

We went into the shelter to let our 1 year old daughter see the kittens because she had just discovered cats. I fell completely in love with Chloe (left) and my husband fell completely in love with Zoe (right). We had originally agreed to only get one but we couldn't come to a decision that both of us liked. So they both came home! Our dog Leo was in love with them both from the moment we got home. He has been alone since the passing of his old friend (my husband's dog Thai) and wanted to love and snuggle the new little kittens. They were not as keen about him (lol) but have since warmed up to him. Now they all play and snuggle. We love them very very much and feel our family is now complete.
Date Submitted: 10/22/2017
Lulu (previously Chita)

"Lulu (previously Chita)"

Lulu is a frisky and spunky little girl! Very playful but sweet. She loves the face and ear rubs. She has adjusted perfectly to our family.
Date Submitted: 10/19/2017


I adopted Nugget in February this year, and she is the sweetest cat. She loves to snuggle and have conversations in the morning. I couldn’t imagine having a better companion!
Date Submitted: 10/19/2017

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