Surrender a Pet

Options for Surrendering a Pet

Considering rehoming a pet is a difficult decision to make. We at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League may be able to help you keep your pet at home or there may be alternative rehoming options available to you. Please consider the following resources before surrendering your pet.





Resources Offered by Peggy Adams  



Resources Offered Externally

Surrendering an Animal to Peggy Adams

We understand that it is sometimes necessary to surrender a pet due to personal reasons. Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League accepts dogs and cats from Palm Beach County by appointment only. We are not able to care for exotic pets, livestock, reptiles or wild animals. We are a limited admissions shelter that can only accept as many animals as we can humanely house and care for. 

In order to find loving homes for the pets in our care, the first step having a conversation about your pet's personality, health and temperament. 

 While we do our best to place every animal that comes in to our care, we cannot guarantee placement for any animal. While it is always a last resort, we will humanely euthanize an animal if deemed medically or behaviorally necessary.

Appointment Process
  • Fill out the appropriate pet intake form for owned or found animals at the bottom of this page. Upon completion, you'll be redirected to book your own appointment (if applicable).
  • The League is a non-profit organization that relies on the support of the public to fund our efforts. We ask for a $50 non-refundable care fee per pet/litter for animals being surrendered by their owners at the time of the appointment. This fee will go towards the cost of your pet's care. 
  • Clients bringing in found pets are encouraged to make a donation for the same amount to help us cover the cost of care, which averaged around $1,100 per pet in 2022. 
  • Did your pet have a litter that you can’t keep? Through our Last Litter Program, we’ll waive the $50 care fee for the litter while providing mom and/or dad with a FREE spay/neuter surgery. We’ll find new homes for the puppies or kittens, and mom/dad will return home without having to worry about future unplanned pregnancies!


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