MYM Cat Survey

Cat Adopter Survey

This survey will help you find what temperament of cat is a good match for you. We do not require that you match the "color" or feline-ality of a cat as a condition of adoption, but we hope it serves as a guide to bring together animals with compatible prospective pet parents. If you do decide to adopt, one of our helpful adoption staff will assist you to find the right cat for you!

I would consider my household to be like:
I am comfortable with a cat that likes to play "chase my ankles" and similar games:
I want my cat to interact with guests that come to my house:
How do you feel about a boisterous cat that gets into everything:
My cat needs to be able to adjust to new situations quickly:
I want my cat to love being with children in my home:
My cat needs to be able to be alone:
When I am at home, I want my cat to be by my side or in my lap:
I want my cat to enjoy being held:
I need my cat to get along with (select all that apply):
My cat will be:
I have lived with cats before:
I prefer my cat to be talkative:
I want my cat to play with toys:
I want my cat to be active:


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