Dogs Rescued from Palm Beach Gardens Home Now Healthy Enough for Surgical Procedures at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

West Palm Beach, FL- (March 12, 2019) On February 18th, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League received an urgent call from Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control (AC&C) about 38 dogs that were in desperate need of help after the owner passed away in his Palm Beach Gardens home. AC&C did not have space at their shelter to accommodate these dogs nor the resources to provide the medical attention they needed. For cases like this, AC&C knows to call Peggy Adams for help.

When the dogs arrived that night, Peggy Adams’ staff got to work immediately with medical assessments. The dogs were all smaller breeds, including Poodles and Pomeranians. There was a mom with a litter of puppies just days old. Some of the dogs were just a few years old.  Others, as old as 12 or 13.

The doctors at Peggy Adams rushed three of the dogs into critical care. Many of the 38 dogs had severe dental problems and skin issues. Not one of the dogs had been spayed or neutered. It was clear that these dogs would need several weeks of care before they would be healthy and ready for adoption.

Upon arrival, the 38 dogs smelled of urine and feces. They were extremely uncomfortable, matted and covered in fleas.  One of the first steps was to treat the fleas and provide extensive grooming.  Our partners at Scenthound came to the rescue and, over the course of a few days, bathed and groomed all the dogs. 

The League’s veterinarians found that some of the dogs needed eye exams. Thanks to our partnership with the Animal Eye Guys, these dogs received the care they so desperately needed. Some of the conditions will require lifelong treatment.  All 38 dogs are still being treated for various conditions.

On Thursday, March 14 and Friday, March 15th, the medical team at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League will be performing 24 dental procedures and spay or neuter surgeries. Some of the senior dogs will only have dental work done due to their age and health.  All surgeries and procedures will begin promptly at 9:00 am on Thursday and Friday. This will affect the League’s spay/neuter services to the public on these days. Questions? Please call 561.686.3663

The medical team will also be evaluating the orthopedic needs of these dogs and some will need to be seen by a specialist for surgical correction.  Thankfully, these dogs are on the road to recovery, but still have a few more obstacles to overcome over the next few weeks.

When these dogs are available for adoption, they will be appear on Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s website: To donate or to learn more about Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, please visit

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