Pet Food Donations Urgently Needed for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s Pantry

West Palm Beach, FL- (July 2, 2018) Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League needs donations to help stock the shelves of Peggy’s Pantry with life essential supplies such as wet and dry food for both cats and dogs.   Peggy’s Pantry is a program to help temporarily assist families with feeding their pets. When families find themselves in a financial shortfall and don’t have the means to care for their animals, rather than have them surrender their beloved family pets, Peggy Adams assists them by providing animal food and supplies for six-month increments.


“Peggy's Pantry is here to assist local Palm Beach County families who are financially struggling to care for their pets,” explains Rich Anderson, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Executive Director/CEO. “Peggy’s Pantry offers supplies, and referrals for low cost vet care and spay/neuter surgeries for their pets.  The primary goal of Peggy’s Pantry is to keep pets with the people who love them and out of shelters,” Anderson continues.  “We are always grateful for the outpouring of support Peggy’s Pantry receives from this community.  But in the summer months, when school is out, and families need to focus more resources on their children, the Pantry’s needs grow exponentially,” concludes Anderson.


By visiting, the community can see what the League needs and how they use each item. Peggy’s Pantry donations may be delivered within the double dome building at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League located at 3200 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Sunday's 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


Donations can also be given directly from the League’s Amazon Wish List:  To learn more visit, call 561. 686.3663 or email


About Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

The Mission of the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League of the Palm Beaches is to provide shelter to lost, homeless and unwanted animals, to provide spay and neuter and other medical services for companion animals, and to care for, protect, and find quality homes for homeless and neglected companion animals, to advocate animal welfare, community involvement and education to further the bond between people and animals. For more information, visit

 The League is an independent nonprofit animal rescue organization operating continuously since 1925.


All programs at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League support the Countdown 2 Zero (C2Z) initiative and its goal of saving all adoptable animals in Palm Beach County.  C2Z was launched by Peggy Adams in 2014 in partnership with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control (PBCACC).  As part of the C2Z effort, Peggy Adams and PBCACC host the Annual Countdown 2 Zero Mega-Adoption Event on September 8, 2018, which brings together more than 20 local rescue groups and features more than 500 adoptable animals.  For more information visit

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