Peace of Mind Program

Peace of Mind Peggy Adams

Peace of Mind: For You and the Animal You Love

Your pets are a part of your family. They also are totally dependent on your decisions about their care. So, it is perfectly natural, and very responsible, to plan now for their future. 

Peace of Mind . . . How the Program Works

Through Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League's PEACE OF MIND Program, you can be assured that your pet will continue to receive loving, compassionate care if he or she outlives you. Our Peace of Mind Program offers an option that provides for the care and wellbeing of your pets when you are no longer able to care for them. It takes effect the moment the need arises. 

Directions left in a will can be delayed by the time required to administer an estate. With Peace of Mind, there is no delay.  Upon arrival at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, your pets are cared for by our dedicated veterinarians and devoted animal care team until a new loving home is found.


To enroll in the Peace of Mind program, we ask for a donation of $25,000 or more designated solely for the Peace of Mind program, or a minimum provision of $25,000 in your will, living trust, life insurance policy, a retirement account, or other planned gift vehicle that names Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League as beneficiary.  With this minimum donation you may enroll up to three pets in the Peace of Mind program.

Enrolling your pet involves:

  • Completing an enrollment form including documentation of the estate provision you have made or accompanied by an outright gift of $25,000 for up to three pets enrolled.
  • Completing a Pet Profile for each animal in the program. You can update the Peace of Mind Pet Profile as often as necessary. If a pet originally enrolled in the program pre-deceases you or a new pet is adopted into the home, contact us to update our records, and enroll your new pet in the program by creating a new Pet Profile.
  • Completing a Power of Attorney form to ensure that the pet(s) are brought to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League when the time comes for the Peace of Mind program to take effect.

When a pet is enrolled in the Peace of Mind Program:

  • The pet(s) will be accepted immediately at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. When possible, we ask that your designated Personal Representative be instructed to call and notify us that a Peace of Mind pet will be arriving.
  • Our veterinary team will complete a comprehensive exam, ensure that your pet’s microchip is current, update necessary vaccines, and perform any needed surgical or dental procedures.
  • Your pet will be placed for adoption in our state-of-the-art Lesly S. Smith Pet Adoption Center
  • Peggy Adams will make every effort to find a new home for your pet that fits with their behavior and profile.* In cases of multiple bonded pets, we try very hard, but cannot guarantee, to place them in one home together.


If you would like to discuss the program further, please contact Allison Tardonia, Development Officer at 561-472-8849 or

**Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League finds new homes for more than 6,500 animals each year. The League guarantees the care of your pet until a permanent home can be found and for as long as finding the right home may take. Please be advised that there can be rare and extreme circumstances where an animal is severely ill and suffering or is displaying irreversible aggression making it unsafe to rehome them. In these cases, the League will proceed with humane euthanasia. These are truly extraordinary and very rare situations that require a panel of veterinarians, behavior specialists, and senior management to be in unanimous agreement.

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