Lesly S. Smith Pet Adoption Center

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Lesly S. Smith Pet Adoption Center

On April 1st, 2021, we opened our Lesly S. Smith Pet Adoption Center. Our state-of-the-art, 28,000 square feet facility is designed to be the best environment for the animals and a welcoming experience for the public. The  Center includes the latest advances in showcasing our animals, allowing prospective families to see the dogs and cats at their best. It offers the kind of housing, training, and interactive spaces that will allow for increased animal enrichment and decreased noise levels, thus reducing the stress of being in a shelter. The Center features weather-wise play areas for exercise and behavioral training and efficient, dynamic adoption counseling areas immediately accessible to families wishing to offer a dog or cat a forever home.

Classroom facilities help us provide quality humane education programs that are sorely lacking in our community.  Educating more people – youth in particular – about the humane treatment of animals is critical to preventing cruelty, abuse, and the abandonment of animals.

The Pet Adoption Center also includes a large volunteer workroom, a general conference room, a grooming room, and a photography studio. 

Our Pet Adoption Center has been designed by Jackson & Ryan Architects of Houston, Texas, specialists in state-of-the-art animal shelter design. The vision was brought to life by KAST Construction. 


Thank You to our Campaign Contributors

We extend heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderfully generous contributors who helped to build the new, state-of-the-art Lesly S. Smith Pet Adoption Center for the animals of Palm Beach County.


Cat Adoption Wing

cat adoption wing


The Cat Adoption Wing includes four large group cat apartments with catios, allowing the animals to access freely an outdoor area facing butterfly gardens. A central cat tower with condos for cats who prefer to be housed individually fills the center of the Cat Adoption Wing, with Cat Colony Rooms for small groups of related kitties completing the range of living spaces. 

cat rooms
cat work room

Dog Adoption Wings

dog adoption wings


Our Dog Adoptions Facilities consist of three Adoption Wings. Each Dog Wing includes large Dog Adoption Rooms for groups of compatible animals as well as individual dog kennels, all with outdoor patios readily accessible to the animals housed there. At the end of each wing, there is an outdoor dog play yard where daily playgroups will be held, covered to protect from strong sun and rain, and with fans to circulate and cool the air.

dog hall

Naming Opportunities

The role of shelter care is changing. We invite you to be a part of the movement. Leaving a lasting legacy with several naming opportunities throughout the Lesly S Smith Pet Adoption Center.

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